Do you want to Remain Blind and Bland or are you willing to Finally Unleash your Grand?

What picture of possibility do you hold in your mind? Can you see yourself living the life of meaning and fulfilment you desire? Because the picture you hold in your mind today, is what is shaping how your future will unfold, as it is driving your beliefs about what you see as being possible for you. These beliefs are in turn driving your expectations and your expectations are driving your daily actions.

Unless you can create vivid pictures in your mind about what is possible for you, you believe that you have the ability to turn that picture into reality and you commit to take action daily, you will remain trapped in discontent and average. It is time to get off your ass and to finally start to give yourself some direction, by creating a picture in your mind of what you want to achieve and then writing this down so that you have a crystal clear picture of possibility to drive you to take goal specific action every day.

Jim Carey was a struggling actor in 1990. On his way to Hollywood, whilst driving his old Toyota down Mulholland drive, he was daydreaming about his future success. While sitting at an intersection, he wrote himself a cheque for $ 10 Million. He dated it 4 December 1995. He added the notation “for acting services rendered”. He carried the cheque with him everywhere he went.

He looked at the cheque a number of times each day, believing with absolute certainty that it would eventually become his new reality. His clarity around why he wanted to succeed as an actor, his clear picture around what he wanted and the consistent reminder about his vision, drove him to work really hard and to never allow setbacks to stop him. In early 1995 Jim eventually realised his dream. He starred in the huge box office success Ace Ventura and earned the $ 10 million dollars he had envisioned and written on that cheque. Since that huge success, he now earns in excess of $ 20 million per movie.

What is your vision for the future? The more clarity you can get, the easier it will be to discover the right daily actions to get you there. Everything in your life, your finances, relationships, career, health etc. will only be as grand or bland, as the vision you hold regarding each area of your life. So as you can see, your future possibilities are only limited by your ability to be a visionary about all the possibilities, which await you. What symbol are you going to make and carry around with you to remind you of your dreams every day?

Action Idea: Make sure you write your vision down in your own hand writing and that you read it at minimum once a day, as this will inspire and remind you to take the goal specific action you need to take daily, to achieve your dreams. I have found a connection between my hand the pen and writing down my vision, that I do not feel when I type it on a computer. The more I write my vision down, the greater my drive and determination becomes. Write your vision down at least three times a day and you will gradually feel your drive and determination grow daily.

Your Challenge

Ensure that the picture that you have in your mind is a reflection of the future you really do desire. If you consistently hold onto the wrong pictures of how your future should turn out, then you will manifest an undesirable future that you don’t want

One person sees a rock pile another sees a great cathedral.
“The difference”? Vision.

It is time to Unlock your Incredible Future

We all have varying degrees of sight, but everyone has the ability to develop an incredible and unlimited “VISION” for their future. This is our innate ability to visualise what may seem invisible to others or in many cases may not even exist yet. There is absolutely no limit to what we can visualise in our minds eye. When you are dreaming, or visualising, every possibility exists. “NO-THING” is beyond the realm of possibility for you.

Predict and Project your Future

There is no need to visit a clairvoyant to have them foretell your future. You can predict your own future with great accuracy, if you trust your vision and you believe in yourself. Get clarity in your mind, create a vision for the future and all that is left for you to do to start moving toward your dream, is for you to simply pull the trigger and follow your vision into the future. This is how you get to convert your vision of probability into possibility and finally inevitability.

Action Idea: Take the picture or vision you create in your mind’s eye and project it onto the screen of probability and you will start the process of creating a picture of possibility, and expectation. Based on the expectancy theory I described previously, the fact that you have clarity and an expectation will empower you to achieve your dreams. Your vision will become the initial creative motion, which you will use to light the fire of inspiration in your belly. This internal fire will be what drives you to finally pull the trigger and consistently take the daily goal specific action you need to take to succeed.

Your vision is what you want and your goals are how you are going to get there


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