Motivational Speakers – Action is all that is separating you from Greatness

Motivational Speakers

Action is all that is separating you from Greatness

The secret to invite your vision into your future and turn it into your reality is hidden behind a really dirty four letter word. That four letter word is called “WORK”. When you commit to work tirelessly and you consistently take inspired goal specific action daily, you become unstoppable. Daily action empowers you to convert any vision you hold, into reality and is the pathway towards any success that you desire.

To illustrate the importance of taking action, I often hold up a R 100-00 note during my presentations and ask if anyone wants the money. People all over the room raise their hands and gesticulate furiously, shouting that they want the money. I keep holding the money and keep repeating the question, until someone, realises the purpose of the exercise and gets of their “ASS” and runs up to collect the money. I then ask this simple question “What did the person, who now has the money do that no-one else in the room, did? Everyone simultaneously answers “They took action”.

That is exactly what you need to do if you want to succeed at anything in life. Simply take inspired goal specific action daily and everything becomes possible for you. Your commitment to take goal specific action daily is the one thing, which separates the dreamer from the achiever and the wishful from the wealthy.

I often see people with equal talent and capabilities, with similar aspirations and hope, yet they achieve very different results. How can this be possible? The answer is simple, one of them commits to take action daily and the other remains only a dreamer.

Your commitment to take action is the great separator

I am sure that you are like most people out there, who see opportunities, you have wonderful ideas, dreams and aspirations, which you know you, should take action to effectively utilise, but you remain trapped in a place where you do nothing, because you doubt yourself or you are afraid. I am here to tell you that, tackling a new project or goal is daunting and will pull you out of your comfort zone, but the rewards, which flow to you as a result of consistent inspired goal specific daily action, are well worth the discomfort and effort.

Lack of Knowledge is never a reason not to start

I have owned and successfully operated numerous businesses, in many different industries: from engineering, to manufacturing, to transport, to tourism, to the SCUBA diving industry, to consulting, to professional speaking and training, to mention only a few. Each time I entered each of these industries, I had none or very little first-hand knowledge about each one. I had no training or education in any of them prior to my entry into any of them.

Get Started

I have always adopted an approach of Ready, Fire and then aim. Yes you need to invest time to create goals and plans, to help you achieve your vision, but never allow yourself to become trapped and paralysed by analysis. Jump in, once you have a simple course charted and accept that the outcomes you achieve will evolve and change along the way. In most cases, every time I have entered new industries or bought businesses, things changed and evolved so much along the way that the final result I achieved in each of these businesses, was completely different to what I had envisioned in the first place.

As Dwight D. Eisenhower said after the “D” day landings in Normandy, during the Second World War “Planning was indispensable before the battle began, but once the first cannon were fired, the plans were worthless”. What this means is that you can never approach any goal or project without first planning how you will tackle it, yet once you actually begin to take action, things are dynamic and will change, so accept that you will need to bob and weave your way to success, using your plan as only a guide.

You can seldom see the full staircase, when you start climbing it. The way to get to the top though, requires you to plot a course to get you to the base of the staircase and to show you how to take that first step. Once you have taken that first step, just keep repeating that positive activity and take a second and a third step and so on. As you keep taking one step after another and you ensure that you are stepping the right height and moving in the right direction, you will eventually reach the top of any staircase, no matter how long it may be.

Take action daily and you will eventually achieve any goal. The mere act of jumping in and getting starting, will allow you to achieve all the goals you have dreamt about and created for yourself. All that is required is a commitment to daily, inspired goal specific activity and any goal is achievable.

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