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You Can Choose Happiness and Meaning Right Now

Have you given yourself permission to be happy, have meaning and fulfilment in your life and are you nurturing your dreams every day? I invite you to make the choice right now, to accept happiness as the cornerstone of who you are and that you should take just one small step right now, toward making just that possible for you. Then make a “REAL” decision to repeat this every day from now on and you will begin to live a life of true meaning, happiness and fulfilment.

Now is the time for you to finally turn your life into something meaningful, over which you can begin to feel passionate and excited about living every day. Dare to invite positive emotions into your experience every day and begin to live the grace you deserve.

Positive emotions, like passion, love and grace, serve an adaptive function and allow you to access a far larger repertoire of potential behaviours, thoughts and actions than would be possible if you remained in a negative emotive state. They promote divergent thought and improve your creative thinking. So find ways to invite excitement, meaning, fulfilment, drive and passion into your life, as often as possible and you will find it far easier to remain inspired every day.

Think Positive Thoughts

The art of living a complete and fulfilling life starts with always striving to think pleasant thoughts, which you then project onto the screen of your life. Pleasant positive thoughts are your own internal happiness generator. Make the choice today to use your powerful positive thoughts and emotions, as often as possible and allow yourself to attract and become the joy, love and grace you desire.

Dare to Invite Happiness into your World

Invite happiness in your life right now, by doing something meaningful, freely giving and receiving honest love, having vibrant dreams, which you believe are achievable and reaching out to assist every one you can. This crucial shift will allow you to not only improve your life, but those of many people around you too. Choose to design and live your happiness right now, for if you keep postponing living it, until a future event occurs, happiness and meaning will always elude you.

Give Freely to Others

Sharing possessions with others is to give very little; you only begin to be a true giver when you start to give of yourself. You can illuminate thousands of lives, with the light of your giving and through this process; your own light will grow brighter every day too. Remember happiness never diminishes when it is shared. So give freely of your smiles, joy and happiness, as you pass expectantly through each day. The smiles you share with everyone, cost nothing, but give so much to both you and the world around you.

Happiness is an Inside Job

Have you ever tried to be unhappy with a smile on your face? Do your emotions manifest in your physical attributes and facial expressions or can you use your physical attributes and expressions to help you shift from an unhappy state to a more desirable one?

Action Idea: Try this one whenever you feel down; it works for me every time. Whenever you are feeling down or like you need a dose of happiness, put a smile on your face. It is amazing how impossible it is to be unhappy, when you are smiling. Use this simple tool as often as possible; it will help you to get control over your happiness.

Choose Happiness

Liking your circumstances is always a choice. Disliking your circumstances is only really a barometer of your unrealised expectations about wanting something better. You can only be unhappy with what you have, when we compare it to something else and then desire the something else, which we perceive to be more desirable. Clarify exactly what you want, why it is important for you to have it and then go about the business of doing the work necessary to invite just that into your experience.

Wrestle back Control

One of the wow moments in my life was when I realized that I was in control of my life and that by applying inspired action daily, I could create my own future, my own happiness and my own destiny. What are you waiting for, you control your destiny, how happy you feel and exactly how you future will unfold. Take control today by getting a crystal clear picture of what you want, build a plan to get you there and simply take action on this plan daily. Then just sit back and watch the magic begin. You can be happy and fulfilled right now, if you get clarity about what you want you, believe it is possible for you to have it and then you take the necessary action daily to make it possible for you.

Happiness is always a Choice

When you stop allowing your happiness to depend on what is happening in your environment, you stop being a victim of your circumstances and gain complete control over your happiness. You then become happiness and happiness is what you are, rather just something you are always pursuing. Until you begin to change your view around happiness and make a real choice to be happy, it will always remain out of your reach. You deserve happiness and everyone around you wants to see you happy and fulfilled, make the shift today, to make that possible for you.

Author: Andrew Horton Motivational Speakers


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