Take Care Of Your Health

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If You Don’t Take Care of Your Health, Who will?

Please answer the questions below to assess your commitment to taking care of one of your most valuable assets.

  • How many bodies do you get in this lifetime?
  • If you don’t take care of your body, who else will?
  • If you neglect your body and your health begins to fail, where are you going to live?

Learn to respect your body and start to treat it like a temple, respect it and treat it with value. Stop treating your body like a shed, where you discard things that hold little value for you. Every morsel of junk food you pour into your body poisons it and makes you weaker and reduces your energy and vitality.

The negative consequence of continual neglect, when you feed your body poor quality, junk food, is progressive as you slowly break down your body and you become lethargic. You gradually have less and less energy and eventually you have no energy to carry out the daily tasks necessary to succeed.

If every time you placed a burger to your lips you immediately clogged up your arteries and fell over with a coronary. No one would touch junk food. Or if every time we put a cigarette to our lips our faces shriveled up and we were unable to breathe, no one would touch a cigarette.   Unfortunately the damage happens slowly enough that we don’t see destroying our bodies, so we just keep up the destructive behavior, until we finally wake up one day in hospital after surviving a triple heart bypass operation or worse.

You have the benefit of awareness right now, start to consciously make wiser choices about the food you put into your body. Choose to no longer poison yourself with unnecessary vices, like cigarettes, alcohol or drugs and start to make time to improve your health with regular exercise. Our bodies are not like our cars that wear out with over use. Our bodies break down and wear out due to lack of use and neglect.

The body and mind are completely dependent on each other and neither can function without the other. Your body is the vessel that supports your mind and spirit. When you take good care of your body, your body can take you wherever you want to go, with the power, strength and vitality you will need to get you there.

Make sure that the outside of you is a true reflection of the inside of you and that the reason you are not doing well is simply because you are not feeling well. Commit to change right now and choose to take better care of yourself. The benefits of great health go way beyond energy, vitality and vigor.

  1. They include other minor things such as:
  2. You will actually get to enjoy a full and complete life
  3. You will get to see your children grow up
  4. You are better equipped to provide for your family
  5. You become happier and content
  6. You are more fulfilled
  7. You will be more successful
  8. You are a positive example to the next generation
  9. Your heart is far less likely to attack you

Make the healthy choices from today, all you stand to loose is 20 kg, a tyre around you middle and poor health. This seems like a no-brainer to me. Stop being one of the herd and choose to be different, the benefits will astound you.


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