Motivational Speakers – Can you Predict what will Happen in 2013 and Beyond?

Motivational Speakers

Can you Predict what will Happen in 2013 and Beyond?

As one of the most informative motivational speakers in South Africa, I will show you that if you want to predict what your life will be like in the future, take a careful look at, who you hang out with, what books you are reading or failing to read, what you are consistently doing, thinking and talking about. All these factors will give you a pretty clear indication of what will happen during 2013 and beyond. Does the picture that your commitment to all these factors, brings into your mind, excite or scare you?

Make a Difference in 2013

Take control of how your future unfolds and consciously choose the people you invest most of your time with, choose the books you read very carefully, stand guard at the door of your mind and control the thoughts you think, ensuring that they are aligned with the outcomes you want to achieve. Commit to take the right goal specific actions daily, to help you stay on the path towards the success you desire and you will travel down the road towards creating the positive outcomes you want.

Believe in yourself and Trust the Choices you make

Our lives and indeed our futures are defined every day by the decisions we make or fail to make. Believe in possibility and trust yourself enough to make the right choices and make your decision making process an empowering one. Listen to the counsel of your intuitive mind and allow your decisions to be a reflection of your true desires. When you do this you open yourself up to possibility, where abundance and opportunity abounds.

Make Better Choices

Why choose to have negative thoughts or to take actions that don’t contribute to your success. Rather make the wiser choice to commit to achieving success in your life.

Action Idea: This process begins with you first deciding exactly what you want, building a vision to support this, creating a strategic plan to help you travel the path you need to travel to get there and then making a daily commitment to take the right actions to bring just that into your experience.

It is Possible for you

Make the choice today to believe that not only is it possible, but it is possible for you. Then begin to take action to eliminate negative thoughts and unproductive habits from your life. Through consistent effort you will have fewer and fewer negative thoughts and you will begin to practice only actions that will contribute to your success.

Give Meaning to your Life

Make the choice to harvest all the abundance that flows from, through and to you. Sharing, utilizing and distributing the abundance that is embodied in everything in the universe is your birth right and an integral part of our reason for being. Don’t wait for life to give you meaning, strive to give meaning to your life and live your magnificent potential.

What are you Capable of Achieving?

After hearing a story of Angela Cavalho, a 63 year old lady, who lifted a 1 ton vehicle off her trapped son. I ask you, have you got any idea of what you are truly capable of? Stop selling yourself short and realize that you have unlimited potential and capabilities. Expand your own horizons and you will soon see that you are only tapping into a very small part of your potential and abilities every day. There is a sea of potential and possibility, which lies unused within you.

Do you truly know what you are capable of achieving physiologically, psychologically or spiritually? It is time to stop selling yourself short, and to expand your horizon. You are idling, thinking you are maxed out, doing the most you can possibly be do, when in fact you are only scratching the surface of what you are really capable of achieving. There really are far fewer limits than you imagine there to be.

Do you Know who you Are?

Invest energy into developing your self-awareness. The more you learn about who you are the better equipped you are to make smarter choices and decisions, relating to the important issues in your life. As your choices and decisions improve, so too will the results you enjoy start to fall into line with your expectations and dreams.

After attending this presenattion by Andrew Horton, you will see that we live in a truly magnificent universe; there is a vast amount of wonder, beauty and so much to appreciate all around us. Make the choice today to finally open your eyes and see; that amazing star filled sky, that incredible beauty as the sun sets and rises, the joy in the faces of laughing children and all the other splendour, which nature has to offer. We are truly blessed to live amongst such magnificence. Stop wasting another moment, not living according to your full potential. Pull the trigger on possibility today and start to live in the magnificence you deserve.

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