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Success Does Not Happen In a Day, It Happens Daily

Do you think you just wake up one day and success has just arrived with huge fanfare and a ticker tape parade? No success is the result of thousands of hours of concentrated and focused effort on the part of the person who is enjoying the fruits of their labour. Although to everyone around them, it  looks like they achieved their success overnight. The same is true of failure; it is not one cataclysmic event, it is the result or rather the accumulation of years of poor thinking or bad choices. Said differently, failure is nothing more than a few bad choices and poor judgements repeated every day over a long period of time.

It seems rather silly for anyone to just keep making the same mistakes over and over again. In fact it was Albert Einstein, who said that the definition of insanity was repeating the same behaviour over and over again and expecting a different result. I think the reason people get trapped in the never ending cycle of neglect or on a tread mill of repeating small errors in judgement day after day, is that they don’t think that it really matters. The small errors in judgement, small things like pressing the snooze button every morning and enjoying that extra nine minutes of sleep or coming home every night and collapsing in front of the TV or never reading another book after leaving school, does not seem like a cataclysmic event. But unfortunately the compounding of these small errors in judgement, adds up to massive failure over time.

How can a minor oversight, those small poor decisions or wasted hours, add up into anything significant and have an impact on anyone’s life? These small errors in judgement don’t seem like a problem in the moment, because the immediate gratification we get from vegetating in front of the TV, instead of investing time to read and grow, feels so good at the time and there seems to be no immediate consequence or pain for our actions. Not having invested any time to read a book in the last ninety days does not seem to have any effect on our lives in the moment. Nothing drastic happened, everything seems just fine. So as the last ninety days does not seem to have negatively affected us in any way, we continue to think in the moment and repeat those ninety days, over and over again. Before we know it 20 years have passed and we have completely neglected our personal growth.

Our company is right sizing and as we are just another employee, who has remained trapped in the same place for the last twenty years and so we are one of the first people to be considered for retrenchment. We then lament the state of the economy and tell everyone that the reason we are being retrenched is not our fault and we proceed to blame everyone around us. The reason we are being retrenched is no one’s fault, but our own. Had we invested the time to read books over the past twenty years, instead of visiting happy hour every Friday evening or vegetating in front of the TV every night after work, had we attended seminars and listened to educational CD’s in our car on our commute to and from work for the last 20 years, we would be one of the most needed and sought after employees in the organisation and probably the last person they would have selected for retrenchment.

The first time you place a fast food burger into your mouth, you did not fall down and have a heart attack. It takes years of constant abuse, lack of exercise and constant junk food binges to destroy your health. The enjoyment you get in the moment from your burger and chips does not seem to matter at all. It is the accumulation of these negative bad choices, which ads up into the triple heart bypass operation you are forced to eventually endure.

The good news is that this cycle also works in reverse. The good choices and disciplined actions you take every day accumulate and add up into super achievement. The result of reading educational books, attending inspirational seminars or working with a mentor, does not deliver instant results. These disciplines add up over time and just like a snowball gathers momentum and grows bigger and bigger at it rolls down the mountain, so too do the positive disciplined actions you take, add up into super achievement.

Don’t you think it is time for you to start reversing the formula for failure and to turn your life around? Introduce a few new daily disciplines into your life and gradually start to reverse the failure cycle and turn it into success. When you make this small shift, you make one really important change in your life; you make achieving success in the future an important part of your current activities. Success and failure follow the same process and use the same formula.

Failure is the result of neglect and repeating the same bad behaviour over and over again or continuing to make the same bad choices, year after year. Success on the other hand is exactly the same, the only difference is that you apply a little discipline and you make better choices and take positive actions every day. As you repeat this behaviour, taking small almost insignificant actions every day, you eventually arrive at success, almost effortlessly, not even realising how you got there.

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  • joshua ogri /

    The fact that one day i will achieve success is what keeps me going,success is an habit.

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