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Break your Goals Back into Projects

This is where you need to become realistic with your goals. Break your 10 X or hairy audacious goals back into individual projects. These are mini goals or bite size chunks, which you can realistically achieve within the next 90 days. As you gradually achieve each project within each 90 day period, you will eventually achieve your 10 X goal.

Making this work for you

We are creatures of habit and routine. So to accommodate your need for structure, I recommend that you follow the following process:

  • Create an annual plan and break your year up into four equal parts of 90 days each.
  • Break your Big Goal back into bite size chunks or projects, each of which can be achieved within 90 days.
  • Break these projects back further into even smaller pieces or mini goals, which you can achieve within only 30 Days.
  • Now take these mini 30 day goals and break each one back into weekly micro projects, which are measurable and ones that you will be able to complete during that week.
  • Create action lists from your micro projects, which when acted upon daily will help you achieve each micro project.
  • Use your action lists to allocate individual activities to your daily schedule.
  • Schedule time every day to take these actions – “Meet your Future”.
  • Measure your progress daily, weekly and monthly to ensure that the actions you are taking are achieving the desired outcomes you want.
  • Improve or alter your daily activities, until they deliver the desired outcomes, within each desired time frame.

Putting it all together

Build an Annual Plan

Explore your goals and the outcomes you are trying to achieve. Start the planning process by looking at the big picture. Divide your year into four equal segments of 90 days each. Break your 10 X or big hairy audacious goal or goals, back into smaller bite size chunks or smaller individual projects. These realistic projects must be achievable within a 90 day segment. During each 90 day segment select a realistic number of projects to tackle and complete. The secret to success in the long term, is to avoid overwhelm, whilst still ensuring that you stretch yourself, during each 90 day segment.

Break each 90 Day Segment back into a monthly plan

Now break your 90 day projects back even further, into smaller achievable 30 day mini goals. These are mini goals, which you will be able to tackle and complete within a month. Finally break these mini goals back into micro projects, which can be achieved within one week. Remember each micro project must have a completion time during the week and must be measurable. In other words you must know when you will achieve it. This will equip you to monitor your progress daily, until each micro project is done. Remember that whatever gets measured gets done.

Create Action Lists

As soon as you have created a set of 7 day micro goals, which will give you clarity about how you are going to realise your vision in the short term. Invest the time to convert these into action lists, containing the individual actions, which when carried out daily, will allow you to achieve each 7 day micro project. The secret to keep moving forward is to review your progress daily and ensure that you are applying sufficient discipline to ensure that you are completing all the goal specific actions, which you have included in your schedule each day.

Keep Moving the Goal Posts

As you move through the different phases in your life and you get to achieve your goals. You have to continually set more, new and more ambitious ones, which will constantly stretch and challenge you. Real great, long term, sustainable success is the result of not only setting and achieving big goals, but is about constantly getting and creating new goals along the way. Super achievement is not about “goal setting”, it is the result of a constant hunger, for consistent growth, and in other words, you must be a new goal getter, not just a goal setter.

As you set and achieve goals, always stretch yourself, by setting more and more ambitious ones. Never allow yourself to lose your way and think you have reached your destination. Don’t lose your hunger, desire and your need to keep growing, innovating and expanding. It is extremely unlikely that you will ever exceed your own expectations. So dare to dream big, set big hairy audacious goals and as you get close to crossing the line and achieving any goal you have set, keep moving the goals posts and becoming more.

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