Sales Training to See if you are in Sales?

sales TrainingThis sales training course asks you to examine your world today. Discover how many times you are involved in some kind of negotiation, where you are selling someone on accepting your idea at work, selling your son on the importance of taking a shower after sports practice, selling the airhostess on changing your seat on the plane, etc. I am certain that you will be astounded at how much time you actually spend, every day, involved in some kind of negotiation, where you are attempting to persuade someone to see your point of view or where you are attempting to influence someone to do something.

I looked at my own life where I am involved in selling or influencing people, to accept my point of view, throughout my day and realised that selling or the ability to positively influence the people around you to see things from your perspective, is not limited to people who have Sales Professional on their business cards. It is a crucial life skill needed by everyone.

My Research

After looking around my world and seeing just how often I am involved in selling throughout my day, I thought well if I am involved in selling on such a regular basis. Other people must be in a similar position. I then conducted some exhaustive research into how much time the average person spends involved in selling or attempting to positively influence the people around them in the workplace. My research showed that people on average, irrespective of their job title, spend around 40 % of their day persuading, influencing or attempting to convince other people. So in reality, whether you like it or not, everyone is involved in sales every day.

Sales Training to teach you to Win at Sales

I know the by using the word winning in the heading of this paragraph, must seem very odd. As for you to win at selling or in other words to get someone to understand and accept your point of view, does not require competition at all. It requires co-operation, understanding, fair exchange and for the person doing the selling to be in a place where they are constantly looking for ways to “HELP” or support the other party.

What is in it for them?

When you are attempting to persuade, influence or convince someone to do something or in other words, sell them on an idea you have or to accept your point of view. It is always far easier to be successful, when you do not try to manipulate them and instead, you focus your negotiating skills on showing them what they stand to gain, when they see your point of view, act in accordance with your wishes or buy what you have to sell.

Be honest and authentic

As you know, you can sense sincerity, authenticity and honesty. This sales training course will show you that the people you are attempting to convince or persuade are no different. They will sense, when you are being authentic, focused on their needs and wishing to help them or when you are selfishly focused on your own needs, where you want to try to manipulate them to act in your best interests.
So to succeed at selling someone on your idea, convincing your wife to watch the movie you have chosen or selling a product or service to a prospect, requires you to remove your need to manipulate and win and instead replace that with your need to help, support and ensure that the other party gets something of equal value in return. When you make always approach any negotiation, squarely focused on the other party and their needs, instead of your own, you will become far more successful at persuading, negotiating, influencing or selling anything.

Andrew Horton

Andrew Horton

andrew horton

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