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Motivational Speakers In South Africa

Your Dreams can become Real

It is such a wonderful gift to be able to look deep within your heart and to dream about possibility, to dream about living a better life, improving your financial position, health and relationships. What really makes being human so special is not merely that we can dream about the future in such vivid detail, that feels so real. We can also peer into the future and almost feel like we have already been there too. You have so many wonderful gifts as a human being. One of which is your innate desire to live a better life, and the most incredible ability to turn those dreams, which are merely sparks of energy in your brain, into your tangible future reality.
Turning your Dreams into reality
Wow, what an incredible gift you have. Not only can you dream those wonderful dreams about possibility, but you can also create such vivid images in your mind and experience the future right now, as though you have already been there. To top this off, you have a further gift and that is the mental prowess, to take this dream and create a set of goals, which you then convert into strategies and eventually daily actions, which if acted upon, will actually turn that spark of energy in your brain into something real and tangible.
Wow knowing you have this incredible gift, how are you using yours every day? Are you using this incredible gift as best you can, making the most of every moment or are you like most people, dreaming but never believing. So you never set the goals, or take the daily action, you know you need to take, to succeed.
Stop Wasting your gifts
You have been given this really incredible gift, where you can look into the future (dream). You also have the cognitive ability to convert these dreams into goals, strategic plans and eventually daily actions, right. So my next obvious question is “Why have you not converted your dreams into the most incredible life of meaning yet?” What is preventing you from using your gifts?
Action Idea: Sit quietly and dare to dream once again about what you really want to live in your future. Write your dreams down. Your dreams are not merely a magnification of what you have in your life right now. Listen quietly to what is in your heart. They are a picture of what you really want to have, do and be in the future. Dreams cost nothing, so dare to allow yourself to really feel and see what you really want in the future. Allow yourself to have “HUGE” expectations about what is possible for you.
Listen to yourself, reflect and search within to uncover your dreams. Do not be swayed by what others think or believe, your dreams are unique and special to you. Do not allow anyone else or their dreams sway your thinking. Sit and reflect on what you really want. You will never be truly fulfilled, if you are chasing after someone else’s r dreams. Invest the time to uncover your own unique and special dreams and you will live the life of meaning. Achieving and living your dreams, will be far easier too.
Schedule Dream Time
You are probably like most other people out there, in this busy world and you are so caught up in the hustle and bustle of your day, that you never get time to sit quietly and to dream and reflect. Schedule time at least once a week to just sit and be. To make this work for you, sit quietly and just be with your inner thoughts. Turn the volume of your busy life down and listen to your heart. Sit and dream about what you really want in your life.
What excites you?
During your dream time, think about what really excites you.
• Dream about all the things you love to do, either for fun or about ways to have fun making a living, doing those exciting fun things.
• What would you like to achieve in the future?
• What really excites you and brings you joy?
• What would you like to achieve if there was a 100 % guarantee you could achieve it?
• What thoughts move your heart and create deep rooted feelings of joy and happiness?
Allow your mind to travel freely through your inner dream zone. See the wonderful, exciting things, which live in your future. Explore all the questions above and try to discover your truly happy place in the future. You are filled with possibility, dare to dream and see what you really want and can achieve in the future.
Write down your dreams
Record all your dreams in writing and start to see and believe that you can have all of them. None of your dreams are outlandish or foolish; they are your dreams after all. They belong to you and are possible for you to live.
Prioritise your dreams
This is the first time I want you to become realistic again. You can obviously not achieve all your dreams in a day. It is going to take time, some planning and an on-going daily commitment towards taking goal specific action, to turn your dreams into your reality. Start this process by prioritising your dreams. Which of your dreams are the most important, most feasible and the ones you would love to live the soonest. The dreams you choose as the ones you want the most, are the ones you will focus your energy on achieving first.
Now convert these dreams into goals
Take your priority dreams and convert them into time defined goals. Why do we time define our goals? This is merely so that we can have tangible measurement criterion, so that we can regularly measure our progress and asses to see if the goal specific actions we are taking are delivering the desired results.
Now follow a simple process of Plan, Do, review and improve, until you succeed. Plan the daily actions you will take, actually take action every day, regularly check and measure your daily actions, improve them if necessary. Follow this process and your electrical spark in your brain, which was your dream, will over time, become your future reality.

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