Motivational Speakers – Are you Serious about Inviting Meaning into Your Experience?

Motivational Speakers

Are you Serious about Inviting Meaning into Your Experience?

When you finally pull the trigger and make the decision to go after one of your goals, no matter what that goal is, you must commit to achieve that goal with everything you have. Half-hearted approaches to anything always result in half heated results. Desmond Disraeli said it so eloquently, when he said “The secret to success is consistency of purpose” The way to achieve greatness and to enjoy fulfilment and meaning is not found sitting in your couch every night. It is the result of believing in yourself and committing 100 % to that purpose, doing whatever it takes to ensure you carry out your goal specific activities daily, necessary to succeed.

There is no Room for Compromise

When you are charting your course by creating your goals and then taking action daily to realise these, there is no room for compromise. Believe in your abilities and set high standards for yourself. You are capable of delivering at levels, which will astound even you, when you allow yourself to perform at your best. Stop limiting yourself, because of your self-doubt and allow yourself to deliver at the levels you are capable of delivering. I know you are magnificent and have what it takes, all you need to do is believe it too and the floodgates of success will open for you.

It does Require Some Sacrifice

As you know we, currently view time in a linear fashion, which means that we only have a limited supply of it available to us. The way you choose to utilise your available time will determine how your future will unfold. I recently spoke to a really inspiring group of young people at a university graduation ceremony. These young people were at the beginning of their lives, with the future spanning out before them.

A group of about 5 wonderful young people approached me after the talk to ask me for some advice on how they could follow their dream and become professional speakers themselves. I chatted to them for a long while and offered them a few pointers to help them move towards their dream. We really connected and so they invited me to join them that evening for a few drinks at the local bar. I was very tempted, but I was delivering another talk the next day and had planned to listen to the audio of my talk, which I had delivered that day. I record every talk I deliver and then listen to it afterwards, to study what works with my audience and what doesn’t. In effect I listen to the audience’s response to my talk. I try to discover what worked and what did not.

Discipline is Crucial – It is not always Easy

I could have easily given in to temptation and gone out for a few drinks with those wonderful people that night. My audience, would probably never have known, that I had not prepared for them the next day. The difference was that, I would have known and once your break the habit of self-discipline, things begin to slip and you begin to make more and more concessions, until you are no longer doing the things you need to do to achieve your goals. I know you believe this to be obsessive, but discipline is hard to build and simple to break. If you truly want success, then build the frame of discipline you need around you and never break it, as rebuilding it is very difficult.

Focus and Commit to your Success

If you are only wanting to cruise through life, never discovering meaning and fulfilment, then break your self-discipline, whenever it suites you. But if you really want to make a difference in the world, where you want to attract greatness into your world, then accept that your self-discipline is unbreakable. Focus on success and do what it takes daily and you will succeed. Break your self-discipline, whenever it suites you and you will remain trapped in average.

Keep the Commitments you make with yourself

You know how bad you feel when you break any commitments you have with yourself. How bad do you feel when you break a commitment you had not to eat sweets or fatty food, or when you don’t go to gym, when you have made a commitment to do so. On the other hand, how great does it feel, when you keep commitments you make with yourself? When you consistently visit the gym every day and watch what you eat, you do not only feel good, but you actually get to achieve your goal of improved health and a better looking body.

Achieving any goal, is a simple process of keeping your commitments, which you make with yourself and carrying out the goal specific actions daily, you need to perform, to achieve any goal. What could be simpler than that? The only thing standing between you and your dreams is your commitment towards yourself, where you will never break any commitments you make with yourself. Come on get off your butt and make a difference, you have everything you need, including the self-discipline necessary, for greatness. Now just do it.

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