Motivational Speakers – Do you Believe you Deserve to be Successful?

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Do you Believe you Deserve to be Successful?

You will only ever achieve the level of success you believe you deserve and that you believe you have the skill and ability to achieve. The reason for this is that your beliefs are what ultimately drive your behaviour and the actions you take or fail to take each day. What you believe to be true about your potential, abilities and level of skill, sends powerful messages to your brain, which either positively or negatively affects your actions and obviously the results you are able to achieve.

Your beliefs will cause you to act in one of two ways:

You will either believe in your capabilities and have the drive and determination to take goal specific action daily or you will feel insecure, unsure about yourself and even feel fearful about what you can achieve, resulting in you retreating or remaining trapped and immobile, where you do nothing.

What are your Beliefs about Risk Taking, Failure and Success?

Your beliefs about how capable you are and how likely you are to succeed will drive you daily actions or lack thereof. If you believe you are very skilled and capable of achieving greatness, it is very likely that you will be driven to take action daily. On the other hand if you are filled with doubt and unsure about any outcome, you will procrastinate and avoid taking the action you need to take to succeed. Your beliefs about what you are capable of achieving will obviously make you more or less likely to take risks and will either cause you to repel or attract success.

Belief and Time are the Ingredients for Success

The greater the belief you hold about your ability to succeed, the shorter will be the time required to achieve that level of success. Remember that the more you believe in yourself, the more likely it is that you will take goal specific action daily, as your positive belief in yourself, will drive your behaviour and encourage you to take the action you need to take to achieve the outcome you want.

Attracting Success

Create a set of positive affirmations, to help you to replace those negative dream killing beliefs, which are restricting your performance and holding you away from your dreams. Every time you start to think any negative thoughts, repeat one of your positive affirmations, until the negative thought goes away. When you repeat your positive affirmations every time you have a negative thought about what you are capable of achieving, you will eventually replace the negative belief, with a more positive one.

Explore the negative thoughts, which are restricting you and try to create affirmations which are the exact opposite of the negative thoughts you have.

Create Positive affirmations like these below:

  • ·         I am a genius and use my wisdom daily.
  • ·         Each Day in every way I am better and better.
  • ·         I have a perfect memory and can recall things as and when I need them.

I have developed a positive affirmation CD. It is a recording, which repeats different positive affirmations for seven minutes. By listening to this CD daily, you gradually start to become more positive and to believe in yourself. Focus on thinking empowering thoughts and beliefs about the success you can enjoy and over time you will retrain your mind and you will start to believe far more in yourself and your abilities.

 Filter the Information you Expose yourself to Daily

Start to filter the information you allow into your world. The less you are exposed to the negative information contained in newspapers, songs, TV etc. The easier it will be for you remain positive and for you to believe in yourself.

 Competence = Confidence

Commit to lifelong learning and growth. As you grow your knowledge and abilities, you will gradually feel more competent too. With competence, comes confidence. As you grow and you knowledge and abilities expand, so too will your belief in what you are capable of achieving.

Create a Crystal Clear Picture of Possibility

Allow yourself to walk into the future and bring back a crystal clear picture of what you want to achieve. Use this picture of possibility, which you have borrowed from the future and to craft a vision for where you want your life to go. Write this vision down on a card, which you carry around with you. Read it as often as possible throughout your day. The habit of reading your vision and reminding yourself about what you will achieve will put a smile on your face and will drive you to take goal specific action daily.

Your vision can be thought of as potential energy

Remember when you conducted experiments in your physical science class at school. You would place an object on an incline. Whilst it was at rest and you did not take any action, nothing would happen. It only had the potential to roll down the slope, where it would turn its potential energy into movement or kinetic energy. Potential energy is saved up energy, waiting to happen or in other words it is energy, which is waiting to be converted into motion or action. So whilst you are observing the object, about to roll down the slope, nothing happens. It is only once you take action and give it a gentle push, that you observe potential energy, being converted into movement or kinetic energy.

The same is true for your vision. It is only a picture of what is possible. Only once you start to take action and act on it will it eventually change from possibility to probability and finally your reality. You create possibility or potential energy with your thoughts and beliefs and then you convert these into reality or kinetic energy with your actions. Change your beliefs and thoughts about what is possible for you and you will change your behaviour. Once you positively change your behaviour, you will over time change your life.

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