Motivational Speakers in South Africa ask whether your Attitude Determines your Altitude?

motivational Speakers in South Africa attitudeAs I travel around the world as one of the top motivational speakers in South Africa,  in the field of Sales Training. I see an incredible amount of distraction going on all around me.  I am sure that your experience, as a business or sales professional, is no different to that of all the people I encounter daily. There is so much distraction going on all around them, that they are constantly distracted by all the external noise going on around them. As you know, you are bombarded with noise in the form of billboard advertising, a barrage of emails and text messages, a constantly ringing mobile phone, constant noise on the radio, as you commute, people vying for your time and attention etc. This constant noise and the extreme demands on your time, where you are expected to deliver all day every day, make it very difficult to remain focused.

Stop allowing Distractions to control your Actions

The most dangerous and insidious thing anyone can do, is allow distractions to control their daily actions. Instead of focusing on carrying out their daily priority activities, in an organised, scheduled and planned fashion. They allow distraction to dictate how their day unfolds. Losing control of your most value possession, namely your time, is most certainly a recipe for disaster and is the reason most people get so little done every day, yet they still feel overwhelmed and overworked. They literally get lost in a coma of distraction.

Motivational Speakers in South Africa guide you to Wrestle Back Control

Become Productive

Instead of focusing, prioritising and getting the most important things done first every day, they spin their wheels, allowing everyone around them to dictate their actions. They effectively surrender control to distraction, which sees them wrapped up in a cycle of busyness, instead of effectiveness. This presentation by one of the top motivational speakers in South Africa, will guide you to see that being busy and being productive are on opposite sides of the spectrum. Being busy is easy and feels comfortable in the moment, but delivers very little in terms of results. Whereas being productive requires self-discipline, planning, scheduling and willpower, until it becomes your new success habit, which will feel uncomfortable in the moment, but will deliver buckets of meaning and fulfilment in the end.

Motivational Speakers Tips to become productive

  • Identify the behaviours or activities you need to carry out daily to achieve the success you desire.
  • Schedule time daily to carry out these activities. Work very hard to ensure that you stick to this schedule daily. Whatever gets scheduled gets done. When you schedule time to do those important things daily. Something amazing happens. You actually take those goal specific actions daily and over time the magic happens and you will achieve all those goals and dreams, which have eluded you for so long. Success is simple, all that is needed is for you to utilise your available time effectively today and then to do the same tomorrow and every day, which follows after that.
  • You are the most energised first thing in the morning. Schedule the most important tasks for completion at this time to utilise your most energised, resourceful and inspired time of the day to carry out your most important, priority tasks.
  • Measure your performance daily. Are you sticking to your commitments and schedule and actually getting all your commitments done daily?
  • Keep making incremental improvements to your daily planning and scheduling until you are satisfied with your productivity.
  • Never, ever, ever, ever open your emails first thing in the morning. This is the most insidious thief of your day. As soon as you open your emails, you effectively hand control of your day over to everyone else. Their needs and priorities immediately take precedence over your own. Schedule time for handling emails, only once you have completed all those crucial priority or goal specific activities, which are most important to you and your future success, every day.

Change your attitude

After attending this very inspiring motivational speakers workshop, you will realise that, if you want your world to change, simply change the way you look at it. Change your attitude from one where you feel overwhelmed and you are trapped in a place of busyness, which makes you believe that you “Can’t do it”. Instead start to ask better quality questions, which will help you to shift your attitude to a more positive place, where you believe that you “CAN DO IT”. The difference between “CAN” and “CAN”T” is only one letter, namely the letter “T”. That “T” stands for using your available “TIME” more productively. As soon as you shift away from overwhelm and busyness to focus and productivity, you “CAN” and will achieve the greatness you deserve.

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  • Thank you Andrew for sharing these valuable tips. Many people don’t think they should schedule small tasks, but doing so keeps one focused and is a tremendous asset in managing oneself.

    • Thanks so much for the great feedback Darren. It is truly astounding what you can achieve when you learn the art of prioritisation and using your available time optimally. Time is the only thing not abundantly available. Treat yours with respect and abundance will flow to you from every quarter

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