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Motivational Speakers in South Africa

Success is an Inside Job

Firstly remember that anything you pursue will always elude you. So remove the thought of pursuing success from your mind. The way to invite any level of SUCCESS into your experience is by first accepting that “If it is to be then, it is up to meand adopting this as your new adage. Secondly you must decide what success actually means to you and why achieving it is important to you. Once you have clarified these in your mind, you will be certain that what you are trying to achieve is actually aligned with what you really want and you will have the resilience to overcome the inevitable obstacles which will be placed in your path.

Action Idea: Once you are clear on what you want to achieve and why it is important to you, create a crystal clear vision for the future, using this picture of possibility, as the foundation to create it. Make sure you write your vision down and read it every day, as it will serve as your guide, which offers you direction into the future.

Who do you need to become

Instead of blustering forward and looking for what you need to do, to enjoy the success you desire. Try a different approach this time and look at your vision and instead ask a different question. Ask yourself who you need to become to attract the level of success you desire into your life? Remember you attract success by the person you become. Once you identify who you need to be to attract the success you desire and you invest energy and effort into becoming that person, you will gradually see your life transform and the success you desire will flow into your experience.

Set Goals and Take Action

Ensure that you create a set of goals, which will keep you on track, guiding you to become the type of person you need to be and to list all the things you want to achieve, to enjoy the success you desire. As soon as you have clarity on what you want, you need to convert these into action lists. These are lists, which when acted upon daily, will over time allow you to achieve all your goals. The secret to make this work for you is to have a daily routine, which ensures that you carry out at least five actions every day.

Measure your Performance

Your own internal measurements are always the most crucial, when it comes to assessing how you are doing, but to remain focused and get the full picture, you will also need to look beyond yourself and seek external feedback from your environment and the people around you, as you take action daily and progress towards achieving your goals. The challenge when looking for feedback from the people around you is to choose the people, who will offer you feedback very carefully. The people you choose must always have your best interests at heart and be interested in seeing you succeed.

You will not get reliable feedback form fair weather friends, competitive peers, or anyone who does not want to see you succeed or who does not have your best interests at heart. Make sure the people you select to assist you and offer feedback are in your camp, but at the same time are objective and honest. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by people who are jealous of your newfound success. Only pay attention to feedback from people who are on a similar path to you and who have similar goals to your own and who are actively working daily to achieve their own goals.

Take Responsibility and you will Succeed

As I said before adapt the adage of “If it is to be, it is up to me”. Accept 100 % responsibility for everything in your life and commit to take inspired goal specific action daily and nothing will be able to stop you from achieving what you desire.

Finally, always remember that no one else’s expectations or opinions really matter; even the people who you trust to offer you reliable feedbacks are ultimately only giving you their opinion. How you choose to use the information is always up to you. Learn to trust and believe in yourself and always allow your opinion to take precedence over anyone else’s and success is inevitable.

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