Perfect Moments Turn into a Perfect Life

Creating a perfect life starts right now. Each moment of your life is a micro window into your future. If you spend your moments focused on activities, which will not deliver the future you desire, then don’t be surprised, when you remain trapped in a life, devoid of meaning or fulfilment. What you think about, you will most certainly bring about. What are you thinking about and doing every moment of every day? Do you have crystal clear vision and a set of goals, with action plans, which you act on daily?

If you don’t, something amazing is going to happen five or ten years from now, “NO-THING” Living the perfect life, starts with your commitment to live each moment as optimally as you can. Each wasted moment is gone forever, make the most of each one and you will gradually create the life of meaning and fulfilment you desire. Waste them and you will remain trapped in a life, filled with regret and wasted opportunities.

Ideas to make the most of each moment

  • Discover the delight of being alive, enjoy each moment, knowing that the past is gone forever and the future is whatever you work to make it. Be thankful for the wonder each moment brings.
  • Stand guard at the door of your mind and do not allow any negative input to enter your mind.
  • Choose happiness and invite joy into your heart.
  • Protect your health and invest your most valuable possession, namely your time very wisely.
  • Feel gratitude for everything, which is perfect in your life and appreciate all the fantastic relationships you have.
  • Invite harmony into your experience, ensuring that you balance your work, with all the other facets of your life.
  • Treat everyone you come into contact with, exactly the same way you would like to be treated.
  • Aspire to leave everyone better off after being touched by your presence.
  • Hold only loving and beautiful thoughts in your mind and strive to support as many people as possible, to improve their experience.
  • Strive to be as productive in every moment, optimising the use of your available time. Continually ask yourself this question at the beginning of each hour “Is this the best use of my available time”? If it is not, then ask another question “How can I improve the use of my available time in the next hour”? If you continually strive to improve how you use your time each hour, eventually you will optimise the use of your available time and you will get the most you possibly can from your available time.
  • Control your ego, always striving to be of service to others. The more people you help to get what they want, the more people will help you get what you want in return.
  • Invest time into your personal development, always striving to be a little wiser tomorrow than you were today.
  • Take inspired action daily, measure your performance regularly, have patience and just keep trying until you succeed.

Do as many of the things, which I have suggested above, every moment of every day and you will not only enjoy each one, but you will gradually get to move from average to exceptional.
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Andrew Horton

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