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See the Abundance all Around – Share Freely

The greatest gift you can give to yourself and everyone around you is the ability to see the abundance, which abounds and then be willing to offer everyone around you the gift of your caring and sharing. Learn to view the universe as an abundant place, see it as a place, with sufficient resources to serve everyone.

When you make the crucial shift away from thinking about scarcity, to a place where you notice and believe in abundance, you will begin to see unlimited opportunities for yourself to achieve all your dreams. You will realise that there is enough abundance all around, to not only allow you to realise all your goals and dreams, but to also share opportunities with other people too.

Help People to Get What They Want

As Zig Zigler says “The more people you can help to get what they want, the more people will help you to get what you want” When you commit to build relationships and help other people to achieve their goals and dreams. It is almost like some sort of magic begins to happen. You not only get to feel really good, when you commit to help other people, as your body rewards you with “Feel Good” hormones.  You also will have the wonderful experience, where people want to support you and almost as if by magic, the resources, people and everything you need to succeed seems to miraculously show up.

Cultivate Great Relationships

Success is not a journey you want to tackle alone. Consistently invest energy and time, into cultivating meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships, with people who are on a similar success track to your own. Relationships are like a garden, the more time you spend tending and planting in the garden, the more spectacular the garden will be. Commit to invest time, effort and imagination into developing and maintaining these meaningful relationships. This effort will be well spent, as you will see all the relationships in your life flourish and grow. Sustainable success is always easier when you surround yourself with the right people, with whom you are able to form great mutually beneficial relationships.

Grow Your Meaningful Relationships

To constantly improve the relationships in your life, commit to consistently improve and grow your knowledge and skills. If you want your relationships to improve and grow, you must commit to constantly improve and grow. Give yourself and everyone around you the gift of your on-going personal development. When you commit to take care of and consistently improve yourself, you continually become better in every respect. You become a better, friend, business partner, employee, spouse etc. As Jim Rohn says” I will take care of me for you, if you will take care of you for me”

Your World is Filled with Opportunity and Possibility

We live in a truly abundant universe, which is filled with opportunity and possibilities. Believe in yourself, see abundance all around, build meaningful mutually beneficially relationships, give freely as you support the people around you and you will have discovered the key to unlock your unlimited potential. Teach people how to treat you by showing them how you will treat them. When you project an exemplary picture to the world, in which you commit to keep improving, you see abundance, give freely of yourself and you help others to achieve their dreams. Exactly that will be reflected back to you and everyone around you will become part of your support system.

Become the Person you Want the World to be

What are you waiting for, take the plunge today and commit to become the type of person you want the world to be. When you do that, the world will almost miraculously change and will be filled with only the right type of people. If you want the world to change, then change the only thing you have 100 % control over, namely yourself. When you commit to change yourself, the world around you will transform and become more like the place you want it to be. Make the crucial changes in yourself, which you want to see in your world and sit back and watch the magic begin. Anything you pursue will always elude you; everything you embrace will be attracted to you.

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  • It is my pleasure Diane. I am glad that my article was of service to you. Our greatest challenge is breaking free from our self-imposed comfort zone. When you have the courage to break free. Only then can you begin to explore the limits of your potential. May you have a wonderful and blessed day

  • Thanks for the feedback. May you have an awesome day

  • kamal tabaja /


    Could not have been put better. It is a pitty we forget about us and the difference we can make in this world let alone collectively.


    • Thanks so much for the great feedback Kamal. You are right we need to learn to be selfless and put ourselves first. When we work on ourselves, we become better in every way, especially to those around us. May you have a wonderful and successful week.

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