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motivational speakers in South AfricaAs one of the most inspiring motivational speakers in South Africa, I believe that it is our natural destiny on this beautiful planet, to grow, expand, prosper, to discover real meaning and happiness and create our own futures. Think about it, every mammal on this planet has everything they need to achieve all their goals. As a polar bear lives in a very cold place, they have a thick fury white coat to keep them warm, they have exactly what they need to achieve their goal of shelter. An Impala has long legs to allow it to run really fast to escape predators, which serves to allow it to achieve their goal of survival. A peacock has a really beautiful tail to allow it to attract females, thereby allowing them to achieve their goal of pro-creating.

Motivational Speakers on Imagination

After attending this presentation by one of the top motivational speakers in South Africa, you will look around your world, where  you will see that every mammal or in fact every living species on this planet has everything they need to achieve their three basic goals, namely to eat, procreate and escape predators. My question here is simple. If we, as all other mammals do, have everything we need to achieve all our basic goals.

Then what purpose does our imagination serve? It does not help us to survive. I believe that it has a much higher purpose, one, which separates us from all other mammals on this planet. As it gives us the ability to project ourselves into the future, a place where we can explore possibility, pack a suitcase filled with wonderful potential. We can then bring that suitcase of possibility back to now, unpack it and choose, which possibility we want to live in the future.

Cognitive ability to Create Goals

The gift of imagination is the first gift in our toolkit of creation. Yes that is exactly what I believe we are “CREATORS” of our own future. Why else would we, unlike any other mammal on this planet also have the cognitive ability to set goals, turn these into action plans and then have the skills necessary to take the appropriate action necessary daily to achieve these goals.

Internal Google search engine

Yes your reticular Activation System (RAS) serves a function of regulating skin temperature etc. but it also serves a higher function, where it serves you as your own internal Google search engine. You must have experienced the power of this powerful filter. For example, when you made a decision to purchase a new car. All of a sudden, everyone around you had mysteriously bought the same vehicle. When you bought your new car, nothing changed in your environment. All that changed was your awareness of your environment. Your RAS effectively takes the billions bits of information, which bombard your senses every second and filters a few thousand out.

This filtering system, serves to give you only the information you need, rather than the jumble of noise going on around you all the time. Have you ever heard an audio recording from a room filled with people at a party? It is just a constant rumble of noise and confusion. Although, when you were in the same room, you were able to conduct a conversation and were completely unaware of all the noise and chatter around you. That is your RAS in action. It filters out all the unnecessary sensory inputs and allows only the ones you have programmed it to receive through.


This is where the challenge arises with you RAS. How do you program it to, so that it filters the right information? Well you could leave it to run through life randomly, filtering and supplying you the information it thinks you want. Or you could make a better choice, where you use your gift of imagination to project into the future. Use the picture of possibility you see to create a crystal clear vision of exactly what you want. Then you could use your cognitive ability to set goals and daily action steps to allow you to achieve that vision. This careful planning process, will effectively allow you to actively program your RAS to search for the things you want and filter out all the useless things you don’t.

This motivational speakers workshop will highlight all of your incredible gifts, which serve no other purpose, other than supporting you to be an incredible creator of your future. I challenge you to stop wasting these precious gifts for a second longer. You not using your incredible gifts, is as crazy as an Impala standing on the African plains, with long legs and the ability t escape an approaching predator, yet they simply stand and wait to be eaten. You are magnificent and you have the most amazing gifts to support you to create any future you can imagine. What are you waiting for. Right now is your time to start “CREATING

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