Motivational Speakers in South Africa – Errors in Judgement add up to Disaster

Motivational Speakers in South Africa

Errors in Judgement add up to Disaster

motivational speakers 2013aAs one of the most entertaining motivational speakers, I will show you why there is no such thing as failure; you only fail when you finally give up and stop trying to achieve anything. As long as you are still taking action, which is in line with achieving the outcome you desire or you are working to overcome an unresolved challenge you have not failed. You are just experiencing a setback

Failure is a Myth

However the moment you give up, you have surrendered to failure. The challenge we all face in our lives, is that surrendering to failure, is seldom a single cataclysmic event. It is not something that just happens overnight. Failure is the inevitable result of an accumulation of a whole series of bad choices and poor thinking. Failure is in reality a whole series of accumulated bad choices and errors, which are repeated over a prolonged period of time.

The rot of inactivity and poor choices gradually sees us surrender and accept our lot in life. All the poor choices we make, where we choose to vegetate in front of the TV every night, rather than read an educational book. We drive in our car listening to the radio rather than an inspirational or transformational CD. This all adds up over time into the failure we get to experience in our lives and businesses. This is a perfect example of compounding working to hurt us, rather than to help us.

Small Errors in Judgement Add Up over Time

These small errors in judgment and poor philosophy, which are repeated every day over a long period of time, seem so small and unimportant. The rot slowly sets in and as such the gradual daily decline, goes virtually unnoticed, that is, until it is too late to do anything about it. Be aware of the small errors in daily discipline, which you are committing every day and how these bad choices are accumulating and affecting your future outcomes.

The Small Errors Seem Insignificant

When seen on their own, our small bad choices seem really unimportant and of no real consequence at all. A minor oversight here, a small poor decision there, or one small hour wasted on trivialities seems to have no effect on how your future will unfold. However when all these errors and bad choices are compounded together, they add up to disaster in the end.

Nothing Drastic Seems to Happen in the Moment

Not having the discipline to set aside necessary time to carry out really those really important tasks, which will contribute to our future success does not seem to affect us at all. Nothing drastic happens and so we keep repeating this negative behaviour over and over again, until a whole life time has passed us by, where we have neglected to do the important things and we have missed all the great opportunities that were waiting for us.

Instant Gratification equals disaster in the end

Our bad eating habits, where the joys of the moment, overshadow the consequences of the future, contribute to our serious health problems or premature aging later on. Yet in the moment it does not seem to matter, we don’t fall down and have an immediate heart attack every time we eat junk fatty food or puff on a cigarette, so we just keep repeating the bad habits until we have irrevocably damaged our health. Herein, lies the greatest danger of all, lack of awareness, where we are not even aware that we are neglecting ourselves and destroying our health.

The Neglect is Subtle

The most frightening part of this neglect is how subtle it is and how this neglect seems to creep up on you and robs you of your health, success and your unlimited potential. We seem to just drift through our weeks simply working to get through each week. We never work to see what we can get from each passing week, how we can grow our skills, knowledge or health and become better.

What are you Going to do About it?

You now have the benefit of awareness and must work to reverse the affects this neglect is having on your life. Now is the time to begin to refine your philosophy and work to gain the disciplines that you know are necessary to use your life more effectively.

Action Idea: Success or failure are the two inevitable outcomes in your future and the level of each, which you will enjoy is based 100 % on the choices you make or fail to make today. Take your new found awareness and turn it into an action plan for success. Start right now and examine your current actions, are they contributing to your future success? If they are keep doing them and if they are damaging your health or destroying your potential eliminate them from your life immediately.

Choose to Change

Change the habits that are not serving you for new ones that will contribute to your future and help you to realize all your dreams. Invest the time to develop a new Success Habit Set that will deliver on all the promises you have made to yourself.

Author: Andrew Horton Motivational Speaker

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