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motivational speakers in South Africa 123We all inhabit a magnificent universe, where abundance abounds. The top motivational speakers in the field of sales training show you that life is indeed incredible and well worth the all effort it will take to make it an incredibly enjoyable ride. You are 100 % responsible for the quality of life or lack thereof, which you will get to enjoy today and in the future. The way your future unfolds is a direct result of the choices you make or fail to make, the thoughts you think and the actions you take.


As you can imagine, any worthwhile journey, which you undertake through life, will be filled with challenges, meaning, fulfillment, joy and opportunities. Remember that all the challenges you encounter are not sent to stop you in your tracks or to cause you pain. They are sent to polish you up, teach you new skills and abilities, you would never have learned, had you not encountered the challenge in the first place.


Of course we all love to be surrounded by opportunities all the time and so that we can accelerate our success and simplify our path through life. The truth though is that they don’t jump out and announce they are there, you need to be vigilant, aware of what you are looking for and always open to use any opportunities, which do come your way. The greatest challenge anyone faces is to always ensure that they are preparing, learning, expanding and growing, so that they can ensure that they have prepared enough, when opportunities do come their way. An on-going commitment towards personal development, will ensure that you are equipped to take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities, which will invariably cross your path. As Oprah Said, “Success comes, when opportunity, meets preparation

You can make your life Worthwhile

Life is really worthwhile, if you commit to your personal growth and you continually strive to grow your knowledge and skills. As Jim Rohn so eloquently said, “What you don’t know will hurt you”. A lifelong commitment towards learning is the single most important component, which will give you the key to your kingdom. I believe that it is the very thing, which allows you to enjoy a fulfilling and meaningful existence. You will find learning in many different places; use as many different forums as possible. Read books every day, listen to audio books on your commute daily, attend seminars regularly, engage with mentors and use your own daily experiences to expand your world. When you commit and stick to a life of learning, a whole new world of opportunity opens up to you.

Learn from your Daily Experiences

The moment you become aware and start to pay attention to what is going on in your world, you open the window on learning from your daily experiences. Stop always trying to speak, over people. You only learn when you listen, so learn the art of listening twice as much as you speak. A good listener learns far every day and is better equipped than someone, who is always in broadcast mode.

Stand Guard at the Door of your Mind

The secret, when learning from your world, is to become selective about what you allow into your mind. Stand guard at the door of your mind and do not allow just anyone or anything, to dump their garbage into your mental factory. Watch what you listen on the radio, TV, conversations you engage in, newspapers you read etc. The secret to enjoying a long and fruitful life is to remain committed to grow and learn, from every possible quarter, whilst avoiding the clutter and noise going on all around you. On-going lifelong learning is the greatest reward you can give yourself.

Motivational Speakers show you to Adopt the Adage of “I will, Until”

I believe that Life is worthwhile, if you are persistent and never give up. You can never fail, as long as you are chipping away at your success. As long as you are taking a few targeted daily actions, every day and you encounter a roadblock or a challenge, all you have is an unresolved roadblock or challenge. You have not failed. You can only fail, when you give up and stop trying. Adapt the adage, which I live by every day, of “I WILL, UNTIL” and you can not only achieve absolutely anything, which has true meaning to you, but you will get to leave a worthwhile life too. No-one can ask you for more than your best every day. Try your best every day and leave the rest up to the universe. Go all out and give your best, every day and all you risk is inviting great success, meaning and fulfillment into your experience.

Learn the art of Patience

The final piece of advice I want to leave you with today, is the need to be patient. No-one can tell you the exact date, or time, when you will achieve the success you desire. The only guarantee I can give you is that, as long as you keep taking goal specific action daily, you regularly measure your progress, you keep making improvements where necessary and then continue to take the new improved actions until you succeed. Nothing is beyond your reach. Everything becomes possible for you, “NO-THING” is out of reach for you.

As one of the top motivational speakers and sales training experts in South Africa, I dare you to put these few ideas to work in your life. If you do, your whole world will change. You will gradually start to live a worthwhile life filled with meaning and success.

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