Motivational Speakers will influence the way your life Turns Out?

motivational speakers in South Africa outThis motivational speakers presentation will show you that it is about time for you invested a little of your most valuable possession to search deeply within. Allow yourself time to reflect, explore and to discover your inner self, you authentic you. Who is the person looking back at you really? Are you happy with the picture your inner self reflects back to you? Is it all you need to achieve the success, happiness, meaning and fulfilment I know you want in your life? If it is not, then the place to start, if you sincerely want to make those positive changes you want to make, is to look at who you are investing most of your time around. Are these people encouraging you to improve or are they dragging you away from becoming the best possible version of you?

Do the people around you really Influence you at all?

I am sure that you are like most people and believe that you are really strong and the people who you choose surround yourself with, do not influence you in any way. Unfortunately extensive research, which was conducted by MIT, has shown that no-one, no matter how strong you think you are, is immune to the influence of the people around them. The people around you, will influence you either positively, which will make your life better or negatively, gradually dragging you away from your dreams.

Researchers conducted experiments where they observed people’s brain activity, whilst they lay absolutely still, just observing the people around them. The people, who lay motionless and only observed the activity of the people around them, had a brain response exactly the same as the people carrying out the activity. Their brain responded, as though they were carrying out the activity themselves. This is our mirror neurons at work. What this experiment showed is that mirroring the behaviour of the people around us is autonomic and happens without any conscious brain control at all.

Motivational Speakers show you that Mirroring continues throughout your life

This ability to mirror the behaviour of the people around us is a crucial survival tool and helps children very quickly adapt and learn from their parents, peers and the people around them. As you can imagine it is a very useful mechanism, which helps people to quickly learn a number of useful things, necessary for their survival. This mechanism, never switches off. We are effectively programed to mirror the behaviour of the people around us, throughout our lives. The mirroring characteristic, within you, will cause you to eventually speak like, think like, dress like and act like the people you spend most of you time around. This is an unconscious response and will happen despite your best efforts to stop it from happening.

Who is around you?

As you now know, the people you surround yourself with, have a profound effect on your life and the way it will turn out. Don’t you think, something this important should, force you to become far more selective about the people you choose to have in your inner circle. As tough as it may be, invest the time today to look at the people in your inner circle. Are they people you should be around?

How are your Associations serving you?

It is time to examine your associations, Ask yourself the following questions:

• What are the people closest to me doing for me?
• What have they got me doing or not doing?
• What have they got me listening to?
• What have the influenced me to read or am I not reading at all?
• Where are they influencing me to go or not go?
• How have they affected my thinking?
• What language have they influenced me to use or not use?
• How do I feel, when I am around them?
• Finally ask the toughest question of all. “Is that OK”?

Do the people closest to you, have a positive and energising influence on you? Are they inspiring you to read books, attend seminars and do they support you to take goal specific action every day? Or are there a few bad apples in the bunch, who constantly drag you off track and who encourage you to slack off, where they encourage you to choose entertainment over activity and leisure over industry. This motivational speakers presentation will ask you to see that as tough as it may be to discover, have the courage to take an in-depth look at all of the people you spend most of your time around. Invest the time to give them a second look and see if you are satisfied with the way they are influencing you.

You will arrive somewhere five years from now

Both the people, who have either a positive or negative influence over you, will take you somewhere. Unless you want to be an abject failure, it is only the positive influencers, who will take you in the direction you really want to go. Assessing your associations is an on-going life-long process. You have to constantly be vigilant and on the lookout for how the scales are tipping. Ignorance, when it comes to the people in your inner circle, is never the best policy. Constantly examining how people are influencing you, is the only way to ensure you are not slowly dragged off track.

Motivational Speakers ask you to Wrestle back control

As you have discovered in this article, the people closest to you, do influence and shape your life and will pull you in a direction. Ignorance on the one hand, will allow the tide of negative influence to take you in a direction you do not want to go. You will gradually be tugged off track, until one day you wake up and can’t understand how you have got there in the first place. The same is also true for those positive influencers in your life. They will support you and gradually pull you in a positive direction. This presentation by one of the top motivational speakers in South Africa, will show you that you will wake up one day, amazed at how far you have managed to travel down the path towards the meaning you desire, wondering why it all seemed so easy. Success really is easy, when you surround yourself with the right people, who will support you to live with great success habits.
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