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Motivational Speakers

Choose your Inner Circle very Wisely

Are you allowing the good opinion of other people to limit you in any way? Other people’s opinions can and should not have any sway on you or your life at all. The views expressed by the people around you, is really only an additional tool that you can use to explore any opportunities, overcome challenges or evaluate your progress. An opinion expressed by other people is effectively just another form of feedback. We get to choose how we want to use it or if it has no value at all to just ignore it altogether. The challenge when exploring any feedback from the people around you is to know when people are offering genuine advice, real meaningful opinions or whether they are just negative people who are trapped in a cycle of despair.

The secret to effectively utilise any feedback or the opinions expressed by people around you, is to see both, as merely an additional source of information. More often than not you will see right through the motives of the negative people around you and be able dispel their opinion as invalid or see their intent, if you have an open mind and you are willing to look for further information to support or negate their opinion.

Have you ever shared a dream with someone and they turned to you and told you all the reasons, why you would fail. If you surround yourself with this type of person, who does not aspire to grow themselves or who have allowed themselves to be trapped in unfulfilling lives, they will unfortunately, be far more likely to express a negative opinion and try to discourage you. On the other hand if you surround yourself with positive people, who are on a similar goal driven path to your own, they will offer you support and good sound and meaningful advice.

Yes you can sort through the opinions of the people around you or explore the feedback they offer and discover when their intentions are negative or not. I say, why waste the energy and time trying to discover the intent behind the feedback you receive from the people around. It makes far more sense to carefully select the people who you surround yourself with. When you ensure all the people around you are positive, driven people, you will more often than not, receive good, sound feedback or advice from them.

As you prepare to become a super achiever, carefully select the people you surround yourself with. Make sure that they are people, who are on a similar path to your own or who have been successful themselves, as people who do not understand your drive and dreams may become envious of your newfound success. Choose your inner circle of confidents very carefully; try to include as diverse a group of people as possible, in your inner circle. People who can offer you different perspectives, as you travel the path to success. Find people who will challenge you to think and see potential pitfalls, but who will support you, encouraging your success.

The ideal people to fill this role are people who are successful themselves or who have succeeded in the field where you are trying to achieve. People who have stepped up to the plate and taken a few risks themselves, overcome challenges and succeeded, make the best supportive group to include in your inner circle.

When you have a supportive group of encouragers in your inner circle, you can share you goals and dreams with them, they will offer you sound advice, which will assist you. They will encourage you  and when the time is right and you are prepared enough, encourage you to just go for it. Encouragers will share their mistakes with you and help you to avoid similar pitfalls yourself. The people you surround yourself with have a profound effect on the results you will enjoy, choose them very wisely.

Author: Andrew Horton Motivational Speakers


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