Motivational Speakers – Can you be Inspired Long Term by Anything Outside of Yourself?

Motivational Speakers

Can you be Inspired Long Term by Anything Outside of Yourself?

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No matter how great a motivational speaker may be. The motivation and uplifting emotional feelings they bring out in their audience, only lasts for a very short time after the event is over. I am sure you have experienced this where you have attended an event, with a fantastic motivational speaker, who managed to get the crowd behind him or her, as they pushed people’s emotions to almost breaking point. They stirred up emotions and energy in the room and got everyone feeling like they were unstoppable. This is great if any organisation is looking for a short term boost in morale and energy, but will never introduce lasting results into any business.

The challenge with attending one of these events is that although you feel motivated in the moment, when you return to your life the next day, it feels like the bubble has burst, all that energy and self-belief has disappeared. Most people then question themselves and they see themselves as failures. How is it possible to be so motivated one day and so de-energised and uninterested the next? The reason is simple – no one outside of you can inspire you in the long term.

Andrew is one of the best motivational speakers in the field of time management training, he will show you that all enduring inspiration must ultimately come from within the individual. It is for these same reasons that the words empower and envision, are so important to encourage and sustain any team’s long term performance. It is the individuals within the teams, who must unlock their own inner power and their personal vision, which will propel any team to greatness. It is not the leader’s job to motivate his or her team. Any great leader knows that the way to get the best from your team is to influence, empower and allow the team members to flourish and grow into strong empowered people within his or her team.

Inspiration is that deep inner drive, which exists within all of us. We need to search inward and discover our own reason why we want to achieve anything, be it as an individual or as a team member. The success you will enjoy as a result of your daily efforts, does not depend so much on the efforts themselves, but rather on your motive or deep rooted reason why you are taking those actions every day. Look around your world, all the people you see, who have achieved greatness, have done so, because of a deep rooted desire to express something from within them. These people are driven to become successful not by any thought of profit or identity, but rather by an inner magnificent obsession, a deep rooted passion to succeed. This drive makes quitting impossible and keeps them going in the direction of their vision, even when they encountered obstacles or challenges.

When the Venus De Milo was discovered by a farmer, as he ploughed his field, it was obvious that the sculpture of this magnificent work would never be identified. The curator of the museum where the statue was to be restored and displayed remarked that it was a great pity that the sculpture of such a magnificent work would never be recognised. To which the farmer replied that making such a magnificent piece of art, was a labour of love and the magnificent piece itself was reward enough for the sculpture. This story epitomises the concept I am trying to highlight, namely that you can’t commission a masterpiece; it is born in the vision of the artist and carved with their drive and passion.

The same is true for human greatness, it can never be externally motivated, it must be a compelling drive from within. When you identify the reason you want to achieve anything and you develop a magnificent obsession, you become unstoppable. A magnificent obsession is that drive that compels you to become, it is not a feeling about the things you want to own. If you want to be driven to succeed so that nothing can stop you, then you need to develop a magnificent obsession, a drive and commitment to keep taking action until you become, exactly what you need to be.

This presentation by one of the greatest motivational speakers in the field of time management in South Africa will show you that it is time for you to wrestle back control of how your future will turn out. Autograph your career and life with your own signature and accept that success is a becoming, which is driven by a deep rooted passion that comes from within. Discover your own drive or reason for doing what you do and nothing can stop you from achieving anything you want. Your magnificent obsession with achieving anything, is that unstoppable inner knowing and certainty that will propel you daily and allow you to overcome any obstacle or challenge.  Andrew Horton is one of the top motivational speakers in his field.

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