Motivational Speakers – Is Your Desire To Succeed Greater Than Your Fear Of Failure?

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Is Your Desire To Succeed Greater Than Your Fear Of Failure?

As one of the most inspiring motivational speakers in South Africa, I have been searching for that one catalyst, which turns some people into super achievers and keeps others trapped in mediocrity. I have come up with a number of complicated hypotheses, but the one, which seems to offer the greatest promise, is this really simple one stated below.

When your desire for success exceeds your fear of failure and you discover your own unique reason why that specific level of success is important to you, then NO-THING will stop you from succeeding

Once people make this realisation, they are willing and able to combat their nagging internal fear of failure and they can discover the reason why any level of success is important to them. At That moment, it is as though an unstoppable fire of inspiration is lit in their bellies and they seem to surge forward into a new modality of enthusiasm and drive. This crucial shift seems to miraculously illuminate the path to the success they desire, with a flaming torch of passion and commitment.

Getting Started

Begin by believing in your potential and accept that you are magnificent, because you are. You have everything you need to succeed. Now start the journey towards the “ACHIEVEMENT” you want, by making a list of everything you hope to have, accomplish, do, and share with others. Next, answer this simple, yet crucial question “Why is it important to me”? Invest as much time as necessary, to thoroughly answer this question, as the more clarity you have regarding your reason why you want to achieve anything, the greater will be your drive, inspiration and enthusiasm as you travel down the path towards it.

Staying on the Path

The recipe for preparing a hearty serving of “ACHIEVEMENT” is to firstly mix HUGE servings of perseverance and persistence into a bowl, apply liberal amounts of determination, and mix thoroughly, then flambé with the right mix of education and skills. Finally apply a sprinkling of talent and genius. Serving sizes will be limited only by your own appetite for “ACHIEVEMENT“.

Keep Preparing

Always try to be in a modality where you are identifying, preparing and consistently practicing the skills you will need to turn this list into your future reality. Follow this simple process and you will have everything you need to finally overcome your fear of failure, which has been paralyzing you and preventing you from starting, until now. Dare to pull the trigger today, stay focused on the reason why you want to succeed and anything becomes possible for you. Your new-found drive and enthusiasm may surprise even you.

Stay Positive towards Your Journey of ACHIEVEMENT

There is no guarantee that thinking positive thoughts will achieve anything concrete in your life. The only certainty, which flows from consistent positive thoughts, attitude and actions, is that you are better equipped to carry any burden that may come your way. As you know, maintaining a positive attitude, feeling optimism and exhibiting perseverance are the qualities associated with sustainable success, so why waste energy on negative thoughts, which will make finding success so much more difficult.

Success Happens Daily, Never in a Day

This motivational speakers intervention will show you that success is a wonderful journey, in which you will encounter many challenges along the way. Your belief in yourself and your knowledge around why your daily actions are necessary, will help to keep you on track and inspire you to overcome any of the inevitable challenges, which will cross your path. These challenges will only become failures, if you give up and accept that you have reached the end of your journey. Failure is an end result and means that you have chosen to abandon your dreams. Does that sound like the person you want to be. Keep chipping away every day, enjoy every moment and “ACHIEVEMENT” is yours for the taking.

Author: Andrew Horton Motivational Speakers




  • solomon pinya /

    Absolutely nourishing!just what I needed.

  • Wayne Farrell /

    Well said Andrew. Keep going day after day. It is like the compound effect. It will not happen in a day, but everyday’s efforts add up to the end result. Good or bad. So keep focussing on the good and keep putting in the effort.

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