Motivational Speakers ask if You do have what it takes

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You do have what it takes

motivational speakers todayAfter attending this presentation by one of the most informative motivational speakers in South Africa you will Accept that nothing ever happens to you, know and believe in your heart that things happen because of you and you have taken the first step towards living the life you desire and deserve. Once you make this crucial realisation and you accept that the only thing standing between you and the success you desire is “YOU”. The next step is to look around your world and find out what all the successful people around you have done, to achieve their remarkable success and then to find ways of learning what they know, doing what they do and believing what they believe.

The rest as they say in the classics is simply a case of joining the dots, applying your learned recipe for success daily, and patiently waiting for the desired results to roll in. It really is a simple process of daily commitment, discipline and consistently learning and growing. Note I said simple, not easy. There is always work required.

I have outlined a few crucial characteristics below, which I have observed in the super achievers I have had the privilege of researching, interviewing and meeting over the past few years. I hope these ideas help you to start your journey towards discovering the traits you need to unlock your own hidden potential. You truly are magnificent and have unlimited possibility pent up inside you. Now start believing and you will most certainly start the achieving.

Motivational Speakers discuss The Traits of Super Achievers

Clarity of Vision

Every single achiever I have researched had absolute clarity about where they wanted their lives to go in the future. If you want to achieve anything meaningful with your life, you must invest the time right now to clarify your vision for the future. Vision gives you direction and guides your daily actions. Having no vision leaves you floundering around lost, spinning your wheels, achieving little.

They believe in themselves

The second thing, which stood out for me was their complete belief in themselves and their ability to bring their vision to life. As Henry Ford so aptly said, Whether you think you can or think you can’t, both ways you are right”. I know you have been conditioned by society to believe that you can’t. My goodness statistics show that you heard the word no 30 times more than the word yes, by the time you turned 17. This constant negative input, has conditioned you to believe that you can’t. It is time to break this cycle of disbelief and to start believing in your ability to make your vision real.

They Know “Why” they wanted to achieve greatness

Without exception every one of the super achievers I have researched, when questioned, knew exactly “Why” they wanted to achieve the outcomes or results they had envisioned. Each one of these extraordinary people had an incredible fire of inspiration burning in their bellies. A deep rooted understanding around why they wanted to achieve the success they envisioned. This understanding transcended self and focused on things like legacy, philanthropy, supporting others to grow, community service and significance.

What is the reason why you want to achieve the outcomes you have envisioned? Understand your own reason why you want to achieve greatness and you too will light the fire of inspiration in your belly and managing or mitigating the inevitable challenges, which will cross your path will be far easier.  

They are Lifelong learners

Every one of the super achievers also had a complete commitment towards the personal growth and development. They invested time every day into learning and growing. They were great listeners, were constantly processing new information and were learning as much as possible from their daily experiences. Waking up just a little wiser, more skilled or experienced was a pre-requisite for them every day. Asking questions, listening, learning and growing was a daily ritual for them.

They are all hard workers

The super achievers I researched were just like you are right now, before they started their journey to greatness. They never had any special pedigree, unique skills or outstanding special abilities; they all just worked really hard and had shown sufficient patience and persistence, until they succeeded. Not one of them received a free pass to the upper echelons of the corporate world.

Every one, without exception had achieved their extraordinary success, with guts, determination and a huge dose of hard work. They were disciplined and committed to work long hours where necessary and showed grit to handle the tough times when they came. They also accepted the tough stuff, as just an integral part of any success journey.

You are no different – You are a Super Achiever in waiting

This motivational workshop will show you that there is not a single characteristic, which I have described in this article that you don’t already have or can develop in yourself. There is no time like the present. Start right now and begin to introduce these few success habits into your life. Over time this effort will pay dividends, in the form of the life you have dreamt about having, until now, but did not believe you could actually get to live it. Your commitment to grow these traits in yourself will support you to finally unleash your internal “SUPER ACHIEVER IN WAITING”, finally releasing your magnificence to the world.

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