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Happiness and Sustainable Success is Always an Inside Job

I have no empirical evidence that proves that a positive attitude is better and creates a better foundation for creating success in your life. I do however know that whatever you think about you inevitably bring about. So if you are constantly looking for the potential to fail and you have a negative attitude towards everything in your life, you will be more likely to move your life toward more negative outcomes than if you maintained a positive attitude Pessimists are more often correct than optimists, however maintaining an optimistic attitude, programs your mind to search for positive resources to support the positive results or outcomes you are looking to create

This presentation by one of the top motivational speakers in the field of time management training will guide you to start you day each morning with gratitude and a smile on your face. When you wake up looking at your world with a positive attitude, exploring everything that is working you are programming your mind to expect more of the same and so your brain searches out more of the same to support exactly that. You deserve to be happy and smile every day, not only because of all the great things that you have going on in your life but because happiness is an inside job. You get to choose. It is always easier to be happy and content when great things are going on in your life, but in reality, you choose to be happy, sad or unhappy.

Your level of happiness must and cannot ever depend on what is going on in your environment. You allow yourself to be completely dis-empowered if you can only be happy when things are going well in your life. Wrestle back control of your life today and make your level of happiness a conscious choice. This choice allows you to have 100 % control over how much happiness you feel and despite everything that may be going on in your life, good or bad, you always get to decide to smile or grimace.

The question I want to ask you is simple.

Do we become happy as a result of the success we get to enjoy in our lives or do we invite success into our lives because we choose to be happy? I believe that you attract the right people, resources and everything you need to create success in your life because of your attitude, your thoughts and actions. If you constantly think negative thoughts, walk around looking unhappy and drive your daily activities from this negative standpoint, you are far less likely to attract the right people, resources or think the most innovative or creative thoughts possible.

After attending this presentation by one of the most entertaining and informative motivational speakers in the field of time management training you will understand that our thoughts create our expectation, our expectation drives our creative capacity and our creative capacity turns into our reality. So is it not better to be producing your thoughts and expectation from a position of happiness? Making the small shift towards happiness is difficult, as you need to overcome years of conditioning, where you have trained yourself, to only be happy when external factors permit. The time and energy you devote towards introducing this new philosophy into your life, is worth the effort and will reap incredible rewards for you in the future.

Your future success in 2012 and beyond will depend on your ability to make, keep and act on all the commitments you make with yourself. It is far easier to stay inspired if you wake up every day with a positive attitude, feeling happy and driven to achieve. The easiest way to achieve greatness is to measure your daily performance and keep trying until you finish all the things you start. As you measure you daily performance, you will see that some of the actions you are taking are working and some of them are not. Throw into the mix the inevitable challenges that will cross your path and you have the potential to feel a little overwhelmed by everything.

Action Idea: If you ever feel overwhelmed or are finding it challenging to smile. Find a quiet place, stop, breathe, think and explore all the wonderful things you have in your life that you can be grateful for. Even if you think your life is just filled with challenge, there most certainly is always something to be grateful for. Now finish the session off with a positive affirmation that you repeat for about 3 minutes. This is a unique affirmation that you create yourself, one that fits your unique circumstances and will help you to feel more positive and happy.

Example: I am happy content and I have everything I need to excel and succeed.

Andrew is one of the top motivational speakers in the field of time management training he will help you to make the shift today and wake up every day searching for all the things you have to be grateful for. This positive start to every day will equip you to make better choices, attract more positive people into your life, become far happier and most certainly enjoy more success in your life.

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