The Power Tools of Super Achievement

Even those people that have found what they love to do and have managed to turn their vocation into their vacation must schedule time, to rest and recharge their batteries. Building your level of skill and knowledge, on an on-going basis requires that you stretch yourself and that you push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Just like any athlete that wants to build muscle knows, it is not the exercise itself that builds muscle, it is the rest after the workout that allows the muscle to recover, to strengthen and get better. If you do not give muscle enough time to recover after each training cycle, you will actually be breaking muscle tissue down, making the muscle weaker and tearing muscle tissue. As you over train any muscle, it gradually breaks down and the athlete eventually burns out and becomes weaker. The same is true for the mind and body of any super achiever, as you push yourself, day after day, without allowing enough time to recover and to build, you are gradually breaking yourself down and you are weakening yourself. If you do not include time in your schedule to rest and recover, you will gradually see a decline in your performance and you will eventually burn out. Time off is in fact a crucial part of any hard-core super achievement and productivity regimen.

No athlete or machine can operate at its optimal level of performance, if it does not get the right type and quality of fuel. In the same vein, do not expect to get the maximum amount of energy to carry out your daily activities, if you are feeding your body with junk food or high fat, low nutritional value food every day. For optimal efficiency it is imperative that you fuel your performance with the right type, quality and frequency of nutrition. Give yourself permission to take time out of your schedule to supply quality nutrition to your body regularly through the day. The micro breaks that you will take throughout the day will give you the chance to give your body the right fuel that will give you an energy boost throughout the day. I have found that eating small nutritious meals at least 5 to 6 times a day gives me the best spread of energy throughout the day. Plan and schedule these meals the night before during your daily planning session each evening. The short frequent breaks that you take throughout the day to eat small nutritious meals, allow your mind a chance to recover and keeps your body filled with the proper nutrition, which maintains the chemical balance of your body and maximises your energy levels throughout the day. Keeping your body properly fuelled throughout the day is a great way of ensuring that your mood and attitude are at their best at all times. The more energised you feel, the less overwhelmed you are and you never seem to be expending frantic energy spinning your wheels.

Find time in your day, to empty your mind and to get in touch with your inner self or ch’i. The Chinese and Indian cultures have understood the importance of meditation for centuries and have practiced the art of emptying the mind and switching off the noise of everything around them every day. This simple art is one of the most powerful ways to recharge your batteries and to maximise your energy levels. The amount of noise that goes on around us all the time, in the form of billboards, radio broadcasts, emails, social media etc has made the practice of mediation more important than ever. Meditation is the place where we can switch off for a short while and discover the connection between cause and reaction. If you do not allow yourself to switch your mind off and to turn down the volume of all the noise that surrounds us, you will never get a chance to build up a buffer between all the cause that surrounds you and the way you are able to respond to everything in your world. Until you make time to switch off and connect, you build up pressure inside yourself like a pressure cooker and eventually as you get to full boil, you explode and you blow your lid. We are all aware of the need to rest, eat properly and to give yourself permission to meditate. In the article I will write tomorrow I will highlight a recipe or daily routine that will allow you to get the best from this process.


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