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You are Unique and Special – Now Live that way

Every one of us lives a unique life, filled with completely different experiences. Most of us experience relationships, both good and bad, we have friends, a career, financial freedom or debt, which either gives us freedom of choice or keeps us trapped in lives devoid of meaning. The quality of life each of us leads is directly proportional to the level of success we have managed to invite into our world. No matter where you find yourself, I am sure that you believe that there is far more you can achieve with your life.

We are wired for happiness

Your brain is wired to allow you to feel copious amounts of happiness, your body is wired to allow you to enjoy health and movement and your soul is wired to allow you to realise your unlimited potential. The challenge we face is that the society we live in is designed, exactly the opposite way. It robs us of all our natural programming.

There is an incredible amount of overwhelm all around, which steals our natural affinity to be happy, our bodies decline towards bad health as we place them under huge amounts of stress and neglect to use them for the movement they were designed for and finally we deny our potential because we doubt our ability and no long believe in ourselves. Come on it is time to allow yourself to enjoy the magnificent machine you inhabit. It can be your greatest asset or worst enemy if you allow. Choose to use it and it will serve you extremely well, choose to allow society and its demands to continue to abuse it and it will continue to let you down.

Societies Programming is all Wrong

We are explorers and creators, designed to continually expand and grow. Not to be trapped in steadfastness and stagnation. We have strong arms and legs and an enquiring mind, filled with questions. You only have to look around your world and see the eager expectation in the eye of our children, to know who you really are in this regard. Our children are filled with questions and always looking to expand and grow. Yes we grow older, but only stop asking questions and expanding, because of the negative pressures placed on us by society. It is time to awaken that questioning and expansive self and to open your mind once again.

 Commit to on-going growth and expansion

There is so much to learn and so much growth and expansion available to you. Allow yourself to absorb and accept expansion once again. As you grow and expand, so too will everything in your world. Break away from the shackles, which are keeping you trapped and tethered to your manmade box and society’s expectations. Dare to be who you really are and become all that you can be. Stop limiting yourself any longer and be all you were designed to be. You are wired for success, happiness and physical wellbeing, stop wasting another moment believing otherwise.

Remove the Contamination from your life

When you live in overwhelm and allow society’s demands to cause you stress, your bodies biological response is similar to that you would see, if you used contaminated fuel in your car. The car’s engine would splutter, overheat and if driven for too long, would even self-destruct. Wrestle back control of your life and remove the contamination from your experience. Accept happiness and wellbeing as your birth wright and no longer allow unhappiness to fill your body with stress hormones, which negatively impact your physiology and limit your thinking and performance.

Choose Happiness

Happiness is always a choice. It is time to make those few crucial shifts, which will allow you to invite happiness back into your life. The first step in this process is to realise and believe that this positive change is possible. You are not trapped or stuck in the life experience you now have. You are by no means locked into your current way of being. The body you enjoy by no means defines you and determines the type of life you will lead. Your thinking and belief in possibility is the only thing that will ultimately define you and the life you will lead.

You can Change

Everyone can change, if they believe they can and they choose to change. As soon as you stop buying into the limiting beliefs, which are restricting you and you accept that you truly are magnificent, your world will immediately change and you will see remarkable improvements in your life. What are you waiting for, do not waste another second on average and begin to live the happy, fulfilling life you deserve.

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Andrew Horton

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