Make Change Your Ally


The only constant in our lives is change, you can either design the changes you want in your life or you can just drift aimlessly through life and wait for change to randomly happen to you.  Do you choose to be a victim of change or are you utilizing change to your advantage and striving to become a victor within the inevitable change.

One certainty in our lives is frequent change and as change seldom happens in a vacuum. We can either allow change to control us and our futures or we can consciously anticipate, work with or around change. By Learning to co-operate with change you can uncover and utilize the numerous opportunities that these changing times have to offer and discover a vehicle to assist you to realize your dreams.

Don’t start looking at ways to change things in your environment, if the change you really desire is in your own circumstances. Any change you desire starts and ends with you and your beliefs, attitude and expectations. Changes in your environment are a direct consequence of any changes in you.

You can choose to alter things for the better by design or you can sit back and allow things to worsen spontaneously through neglect. When facing the choice to change your mind about the way you view things in your world or proving to yourself there is no need to change. Don’t waste valuable time getting busy on the proof, rather change what seems unchangeable by changing the way you see it.

Making change your ally, is motivational talk that will take the “blinkers” off and open your eyes to a new approach to how you see change.

Look at what life is reflecting back at you right now, this reflection was created by your thoughts, actions and beliefs. If you don’t like the reflection, you can change everything by simply changing the way you view or do things. Accept that not all the changes you make, will deliver the desired results. If things don’t work, adjust your approach but never give up. All progress requires change, but not all change is progress.

Our journey through life is one of creation and evolution; review your progress as often as possible, as it may be necessary to redefine your direction on multiple occasions throughout your life. If you do not wake up eager to face your day and you do not feel good about not only what you do, but who you are, then it may be time for you to re-valuate, redefine and implement some changes in your life.


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