Motivational Speakers ask, What Choices are going to make today?

motivational speakers choicesAs Dwight D. Eisenhower so eloquently said, “The history of free men is never written by chance, but by choice; their choice.” Motivational speakers ask you “What choices are you going to make today”? Good ones, which are going to mould a fantastic future for you. One filled with meaning and fulfilment. Or are you going to allow poor choices, where you choose pleasure in the moment, over delayed gratification, to dictate the direction your future will take?

Both Choices are simple to make. Your challenge is that, the effect of each one accumulates over time. One creates the future you have dreamed of. The other one delivers a life of average. Which choice do you want to make today and every day, because they all add up to create your ultimate destiny?

I want to make a few recommendations today. About a few better choices you can make, which will help you create a life of abundance, meaning and fulfilment.

  1. Choose to commit to life-long learning – There is no greater investment you can make, which will deliver as much as you will get from your on-going personal development. Choose to grow by actually taking action daily. Schedule time to read daily, listen to audio books on your commute every day and attend as many seminars, which will support you to achieve your goals as possible.
  2. Choose to create new Success Habits – Over 95 % of what you do every day is dictated by your habits. We all have good ones and bad ones. Explore your goals and discover a few habits, which will support you to achieve your goals. For example: reviewing your day each evening and planning your day the night before. Using your willpower invest the time to build these new habits into your daily schedule, until they become entrenched new success habits.
  3. Choose to have a harmonious work ethic – By work ethic. I mean work smarter not harder. Make sure that you are utilising your available time as effectively and efficiently as possible. Schedule your day to carry out the most important tasks, i.e. your goal specific activities first thing in the morning. Then on a sliding scale of importance, schedule the next most important tasks throughout the remainder of your day.
  4. Choose to help as many people get what they want – When you change your focus from making money. Instead you focus on helping as many people get what they want. Something remarkable happens. Everyone around you responds and they will in turn, help you get what you want. I cannot explain why this works, but it just does.
  5. Choose to always treat people right – My mother always told me to treat people the same way I would want to be treated. When you approach every interaction with people, with the intent to always be responsible, respectful and accommodating. Something incredible happens; everyone around you does the same you you in return. Imagine a world where everyone treats everyone else right and they want to support and help each other – Imagine.
  6. Choose to invite harmony into your experience – Make the wise choice to invite harmony into your life. Work really hard when you work and rest, recharge your batteries and spend quality time with your family when you do that. Enjoy the wonder and abundance this beautiful planet offers. Do whatever you do full out.
  7. Choose to give more than you receive – Look around your world not to see what you can take, but rather to see what you can give. This starts the flow of abundance to and through you. The more you give freely of yourself, the more you will receive in return. If you give away an abundance of love, you will receive all the love you need. If you give freely of your time and money freely, to support and uplift the people around you, you will have all the money and time you desire. Never give to get. Give freely and the abundance will flow to you.

This motivational speakers course will ask you to make better choices and the life of wonder and abundance you desire, will start to flow into your experience. You live in a truly abundant universe. All you need to do to share in all this abundance is the willpower to make and sustain a few better choices. What are you waiting for?

Andrew Horton

Andrew Horton

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  • Ifeoluwa Yedoni-Takuro /

    This world will be a better place if everyone makes these 7 choices….I ll strive to make the right choice starting with the 3rd one you ll agree with me that it is not easy to choose to give more than you receive…

    • You are right Ifeoluwa. It is really hard to work to give more than you receive. It is so natural for us to be really selfish. The reality is that the more you freely give, the more will get.

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