Mentoring Can Heal The World


What a sad world this would be if the most gifted amongst us kept their talents a secret and never shared them with the world. I would encourage everyone to give selflessly of their time to help build a better world for everyone.

Even great people like Michelangelo, Albert Einstein devoted some of their time to developing those around them and served as mentors to some very privileged apprentices. I believe that we live in a truly abundant universe and that mentoring as many people as possible is both a privilege and an obligation to everyone, especially the most gifted.

We all have unique talents that if properly nurtured, will blossom into something special. Strive to combine these skills and talents with others, who have skills and talents that you lack. Accept that there is abundance all around you, leave your ego behind, build synergistic, mutually beneficial relationships and everyone will get to live their dreams.

Abundance ebbs and flows in perfect harmony all around us, you disrupt this harmonic flow when you identify with lack and you feel the need to hoard the abundance that does flow to you. Keep circulating the abundance within this limitless flow and you will share in the abundant love, joy, health, success, friendship, companionship and freedom this practice brings.

When you learn the art and practice the discipline of SKILLFULLY and consistently applying your energy toward building the equities you desire, you reveal your full potential, exponentially multiply the fruits of your labor and equip yourself for unlimited success and abundance.

You will increase the flow of abundance, which surrounds all of us, when you change your focus from money to creating abundant friendship, security, happiness, health and positive high energy. Money is NOT the root of all evil; it is the mindless pursuit of money at the expense of everything else that gives the accumulation of wealth this bad rap.

When you learn to appreciate everything in your life, you consistently give and receive responsible love, show real caring and exhibit compassionate thoughts and actions, you will have found true wealth.

Why are so many people trudging along in a fog of discontent or unhappiness, whilst life on earth is filled with such abundance and so many incredible opportunities to live in joy? Make the choice today; open your eyes and you will see that abundance abounds all around you and that you have the power to tap into this limitless resource of joy, fulfillment, passion and prosperity if you truly want to.

Author: Andrew Horton Motivational Speaker


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