More Learning, means Way more Earning

motivational speakers vocablaryAs you know the greatest investment you will ever make, is an investment into your on-going personal development and growth. No other investment will ever give you the same returns; you will get from this one. When you make learning a priority, you will not only equip yourself to attract greater success, as you become more, but you will also gradually fill your life with more meaning and fulfilment too. The mere act of committing to grow a little every day, where you invest time to read, listen to CD’s and learn as much as possible, from every experience, both the good and the challenging ones, means that you will keep expanding your world.

Grow your Vocabulary

One of the additional benefits, which will accrue to you as you invest time to read, listen and learn, is that your vocabulary will grow too. This is a huge benefit to anyone, who wants to better express themselves, communicate value or positively influence anyone else. There is a plethora of research, which has been conducted by management and human resource experts, clearly showing that the people who have large vocabularies, achieve better results than their more restricted and limited counterparts. Research shows that people, who are able to speak clearly and concisely, using descriptive words, are far more likely to achieve great success.

As you can imagine, well spoken, carefully chosen words, will more easily equip you to:

• Positively influence the people around you.
• Better handle objections
• More easily close the sale
• More effectively negotiate a raise
• Improve your ability to build mutually beneficial relationships with people

The ability to effectively communicate is a crucial life skill. As you can imagine an improved vocabulary, equates to better, more eloquent and effective communication. All of which will effectively support you to change your destiny. Yes learning and the investment you make into your personal development, will over time improve your skills and allow you to gain more useful knowledge. The greatest benefit, I believe, which will come to you, is in the form of an improvement in your vocabulary. As you learn the art of better communication, everything in your world will improve exponentially.

Own the Future

In a world where communication is no longer just verbal in nature, but is filled with email, voice mail, business plans, meeting briefs and SMS’s. The individual, who has a massive vocabulary, will be better equipped to articulate their goals, substantiate their point of view, support their vision, positively influence people, build sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships and support their vision. Those people with the greatest vocabulary, will effectively own the future.

Action Idea: Schedule time every day to read. I would suggest a minimum of 30 minutes a day, more if possible. Read book summaries. This will help you to gain the essence of all top business books, in a very brief period of time. This approach is especially effective if you can only find 30 minutes a day to read.

Action Idea 2: Listen to audio books during your commute. Average people spend about 500 hours a year commuting in their cars. This is equivalent to two semesters at university. Imagine all you could learn, if you invested your commute time towards, listening to educational, inspirational or transformational Audio books.

Reading and Listening

Remember that all kinds of listening and reading will support you to improve your vocabulary. Both fiction and non-fiction books will help you. How about substituting one hour of television time each day to read a good book, written by one of the great fiction writers? To get the most from your reading, keep a dictionary next to you, whilst you are reading and look-up every word you do not understand. By doing this you are effectively making the new word a part of your new vocabulary.

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