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Never Let Making a Living Stop You

We all need to make a living and even though we may be involved in something that is not inspiring us or making us feel passionate, right now, we must never allow that to stop us from expressing our true desire. Give yourself permission to dream once again, allow your mind to walk into the future and visualise yourself living the life of meaning and fulfillment you really want.

When you have clarity about what direction you want your life to go, it is almost as if by magic that the things around you begin to change too. Circumstances or events, which caused you, stress and overwhelm before, and you had to find ways to get through them. Immediately change as soon as you have clarity of purpose and a crystal clear vision. The same events or circumstances, transform into something, which is on your way to that wonderful future you have envisioned. This shift allows you to see things differently. The same events or circumstances become things you can learn from, find opportunities in or utilise on your journey to success.

The best way to really live your purpose and love what you do, is to identify exactly what you love doing and then find a way to make a living doing exactly that. This may seem like an impossible task and a pipe dream to most people.  Well let me give you a few examples of people who have turned their passion into  amazing careers and done really well in the process. Someone we know very well loves to hang out and talk to people, well, I hear you ask, how anyone can make a living hanging out and talking to people all day. Well the person I am referring to is Oprah Winfrey. She makes an incredible living sitting and chatting to people and at the same time makes an incredible contribution to society as a whole, due to the fact that she follows her passion and lives her life on purpose.

If you really want to get out there and see how, with a little imagination and innovation, you can turn virtually any idea into a means of making a living. Then try this one for size, it will really blow your mind away, to contemplate that someone could actually turn something this ridiculous into a multi-Million Dollar business.

There is a lady that is totally passionate and driven; her passion is to watch Soap Operas all day. How could you possibly make a living doing only that?  She started a magazine called Soap Opera Digest in America. She watches all the Soap Operas all day and then catalogues all the plots and places them in her magazine, so that people, who miss episodes can keep up with what is going on in the programs.  She now does exactly what she loves doing and is earning a significant living doing just that. When you live on purpose, anything is possible, if you believe in yourself and your unlimited potential.

If these two people as described above can make a living doing what they love, what is stopping you from realizing your potential and doing exactly what you love?  The only thing that is stopping you is your own self-doubt and lack of belief in your own incredible potential.

Live your purpose and everything you need to live in the magic of life will gravitate toward you.

You can make fantastic living doing exactly what you want and you love doing. You simply have to be willing to put yourself out there and take the risk.

Visualize What You Want

Action Idea: Try to explore and uncover your true purpose or passion in life. You know what it is and always have. The challenge you face is to allow yourself to listen, to believe and to discover that deep knowing. Don’t expect a huge fanfare, with a massive drum roll when you discover your purpose. As this deep knowing comes into your conscious awareness, it is just a warm feeling of satisfaction, a knowing that this is who you really are. Try this simple process as described below. It may not work the first time, but keep repeating this simple exercise until you learn to trust, listen and unlock.

Sit or lie in a comfortable place with your eyes closed and breathe deeply in and out for about five minutes and try to clear your mind and completely relax.  Put your attention on feeling the cool air entering through your nostrils, draw in a really deep breath, hold the air in your lungs for a second and slowly breathe out, placing your attention on the warm air leaving your nostrils. Once you are feeling really relaxed, try to picture yourself living the perfect life. Explore, search and discover, what you are doing, who is with you, how do you feel, where are you and what do you see and hear. Give as much emotion to this exercise as possible. Really try to see, feel, hear and feel everything around you. During this exercise, try to visualize yourself as if you were actually living that life right now.

When you find exactly what you want and you live on purpose, finding your way into the kingdom, where the magic of life resides, will be really easy, fun and exciting. You will live a life of meaning and fulfillment, where following your passion will be really rewarding.

Share Your Vision for Maximum Impact

Once you have discovered exactly what you want from your life, share your vision with someone that you can trust.  This experience can be really uncomfortable, you may even feel that sharing this with anyone else is impossible, as it is so personal or people will think you are silly or even crazy.

The reality is actually really amazing though.  The person you choose to share your vision with, will very likely want similar things in his or her life too.  Everyone wants material comfort, supportive family and friends, loving relationships and the time to make a difference in the world.  The only problem is that too few of us are willing to readily admit it and are terrified to share our dreams with anyone else. When you share your dream or vision with someone else, your subconscious mind becomes accountable to make your vision your new reality and the person, who you share your vision with can also become your accountability partner.

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