Motivational Speakers – There is not a Lack of Time, Only a Lack of Commitment to Achieve your Goals

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There is not a Lack of Time, Only a Lack of Commitment to Achieve your Goals

I have done some research with the folks living in a few retirement villages near where my mother stays. My questions to them were around how their lives turned out and were they satisfied with what they had managed to achieve, in all areas of their lives, namely spiritually, relationally, socially, financially and in their careers. With only a few exceptions, most of the folks I interviewed felt that they could have done more in most areas of their lives, particularly in the area of family, building friendships and spiritually. I have not addressed any of these in this article, as I wanted to focus on the one area which was of most concern to all of them, namely their lack of adequate funding for their retirement.

Financial Stability

The general consensus amongst all the folks I interviewed was that they could have done more to build financial stability and independence. Although some of them earned big salaries throughout their lives, they had spent most of it on fancy cars, trinkets and toys, they didn’t really need and also by financing lifestyles beyond their means. It was only in the latter part of their lives that they realised they were not providing for their retirement. This had driven them to finally set goals to start investing for their retirement. They felt that they had most certainly spent too much on cars, fancy toys and on financing a lifestyle to try to show off to others. This had left them in an unfavourable position, with insufficient funds to enjoy their golden years. A shortage of money was certainly a grave concern to most of them.

Do we have Enough Time?

Without exception every single person I interviewed, said that there was not a shortage of time to achieve their goals. It was just that they utilised their time and resources incorrectly, throughout their lives. When they finally woke up and realised that they needed to invest for their retirement. They had a huge reason why they needed to change their ways and so they immediately changed the way they did things. They stopped financing a lifestyle they could not afford, downgraded their car and stopped buying the latest gadgets and toys. In every case they managed to achieve some growth in their financial wealth, albeit too little too late.

When they changed their focus, prioritised and finally set goals, there was not a shortage of time each day to achieve their financial goals, but there was most certainly a shortage of time left before they stopped working and retired. I do not believe that there is a shortage of time or that people have a time management problem per se. There is more than enough time to get things done every day. The challenge we have is simply a lack of commitment to convert our dreams into goals and daily action plans, which we then take action on daily to convert them from paper to our reality.

Achieving Goals – Stop Being a Spectator

The reason why we do not achieve goals is simply that we spend too much time throughout our lives, expending too much energy, worrying about the things we cannot have, instead of focusing our energy on taking the daily actions we need to take, so that we can achieve our goals and finally get those things we want. Stop being a spectator and wrestle back control over your life and future by no longer regretting what you should have done in the past and get rid of the apprehension about what you won’t be able to achieve tomorrow. Both of these only drain your energy and keep you trapped in mediocrity.

Action Idea: Learn all the lessons you can from the past, file them away for use later on and then believe in your ability to acquire all the skills and knowledge you need acquire, to succeed in the future. In fact stop pursuing success or the need to acquire trinkets any longer and instead, set all your goals around becoming the type of person you need to be, to enjoy the success you desire. As you grow your knowledge, skills and abilities, you will attract all the success you desire.

Turn Dreams into Goals

A dream is a picture of possibility or a creative idea, which you would love to see materialise in your future. Turning your dreams into goals means that you give them a way to come to life, a way for you to actually apply inspired energy to them daily, to make them become real and tangible. Stop being a spectator and a dreamer and commit to become a goal achiever today. You can choose right now to become the script writer (Write down your goals and create a set of action plans), producer (take action daily) and star (realise your dreams) or you can choose to continue just being a dreamer, watching other people succeed. Which future do you choose?

Focus your Goals On you and your Future

Set goals, which are aligned with your dreams, expectations and your unique concept around success. Ensure that you never measure them in comparison to others. Stop measuring your progress by gazing over the fence into the greener pastures of others who may be further down the road than you are or making faster progress than you may be making. Success will flow to you at the pace it should. As long as you stay committed to your goals and you chip away every day, taking action, which is aligned with your plans and you regularly measure these actions, to ensure they are delivering the desired results. You will eventually achieve any goal you set.

Stop Making Comparisons

Believe in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals. When you look around your world, use the people who are achieving their goals faster than you are, as learning opportunities. Find out what they are doing differently or better than you are and try to apply those lessons in your life. Never compare them to yourself, where you feel inferior and become discouraged. You deserve success and it will come to you if you commit to constantly grow and you take action daily to achieve all your goals.

Commit to your Success

You have everything you need or access to everything you need, to achieve any goal you really want to achieve. When you stop focusing on others and what they have achieved and instead focus on becoming the type of person you need to become, to achieve the success you desire. You will begin to attract all the success you desire. Success is unique to you, only you can define and measure it. Bringing your picture of success to life, is never about pursuing it, but rather about becoming the type of person you need to be, to attract it into your life experience and taking inspired goal specific daily action, until you succeed.

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