Motivational Speakers will ask you, Are you making the most of “TODAY”?

Motivational Speakers will ask you, Are you making the most of “TODAY”?

motivational speakersAndrew is one of the most entertaining motivational Speakers in South Africa, he will show you that, the way you choose to invest your most valuable possession, every day, is one of the simplest decisions you get to make, yet it is the one thing, which will have the most profound effect on the way your future will turn out. The choices you make about how you invest your time each day, is arguably one of the most important choices you get to make. By choosing to invest your time into one task, at the expense of another, you may miss opportunities, which may be staring you in the face. Time is one of your scarcest resources. Invest it wisely. When time is wasted, the potential it offers is lost forever.

Motivational Speakers show you that Time waits for no-one

My mom is in her mid-seventies and will never see forty again. The years, which have passed for her, are gone forever. Do not allow yourself to reach an advanced age, where your life is filled with regret, for what should have or could have been. As the years pass in my own life, I realise the importance of using the time allocated to me, as wisely as possible. What really made me acutely aware of the passage of time was when I attended my 30 year school re-union a while back. The room was filled with strangers, who looked nothing like the young people, who I knew 30 years ago. We were all walking around looking at name tags, trying to remember who the much older face belonged to.

It feels like just yesterday that I was enjoying high school, sharing memories with all these people, I simply do not recognise. What happened to the three decades, which have just flown by, in a blur? Time truly is precious. It does not only offer you the gift of possibility, but the potential to be fulfilled, content and happy. How are you investing your most valuable possession every day? Is it in worthwhile endeavours or are you consuming yours, watching reality TV, watching how other people get to live theirs, instead of living your own.

There are really only three days

Yesterday – Filled with experience, mistakes, lessons, cares and either used or wasted opportunities. Remember that yesterday is gone forever; all the money in the world can never bring it back again. You cannot undo a single act, recall a word spoken or change what has happened. Yesterday offers only one thing and that is experience.

Tomorrow – Yes of course you need to invest time into creating a better tomorrow. The truth though, is that tomorrow and all its wondrous potential is out of your immediate control. All the possibilities and potential adversities it may bring can be only be influenced, but never completely controlled, with your actions today.

Today – This is really the only day you have. If you can use today as effectively as possible, achieving as much happiness, fulfilment and success, as you can, during each moment of your day. Yesterday, which is gone forever will not matter and tomorrow which is yet to come will be filled with buckets of the same.
All you really have is right now. Make the most of each one, and your life will be a worthwhile journey, filled with meaning, fulfilment and happiness. A full life, is a happy life. It is impossible to be depressed, when you are active and living your life as completely as possible.

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