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Who is the most important person in your life?

Sales Training 2013aThe most important person in any one’s life, is themselves. As one of the best motivational speakers in South Africa don’t mean this don’t mean this in a narcissistic way at all. I mean it from a completely selfless perspective, where I suggest that if you take care of the most important person in your life, namely yourself, by looking after your health, investing into your personal growth and striving to become better every day. You are becoming a better employee, spouse, friend and person, who is a most certainly a better contributor to their world as a whole.
The best investment ever

The best investment, which will give you the most incredible return, is not gold shares, buying investment property or even investing into a diamond mine. The best investment anyone can make in life is an investment of resources and time, into their own personal development. The returns you will get to enjoy as a result of these investments, will deliver lifelong returns of wealth, health, great relationships and a life of meaning and fulfilment. An investment, which is so valuable, should not be wasted. Get off your butt right now and start to invest into your personal growth. The returns are well worth the effort.
Personal Development is simple
Yes of course embarking on a path of personal development is simple. All you need to do is acquire the books, commit to read them. Purchase the audio books and listen to them in your mobile university, attend seminars, and you must also commit to learn as much as possible from your daily experiences. The challenge though is that, yes it is simple, but it is most certainly not easy. It takes daily discipline to read books, listen to Cd’s and attend seminars, when there are so many distractions vying for your attention. Your personal development never happens in a day. It requires a daily commitment of effort, discipline and focus to be successful.
Personal Develop is a lifetime commitment

Your commitment towards your personal development needs to be a lifelong commitment. The rewards however, are well worth the effort, time and resources you will need to commit to this endeavour. The art and business of personal development lasts a lifetime. The benefits of personal development are not necessarily, found in what you will get, but rather, what you will become, as a result as a result of your commitment towards your on-going personal development.
Become first – Get Second as shown to you by motivational speakers

Of course you will reap the rewards of improved financial wealth, improved health, better relationships etc. as you grow and become more. As your value grows, so too will your ability to earn more income, improve too. There will also be an additional benefit of improved relationships, better health and a huge improvement in your general wellbeing.
The more value the people around you believe you are worth; the more value will flow to and through you, in the form of increased income and rewards. The secret to really make this work for you, is never pursue money, but to rather focus on accumulating as much personal value as possible, in the form of knowledge, skills and abilities. As you continue to improve these, the people around you will see your value grow and as such they will be prepared to pass more value your way.
Grow into the person you need to be

Stop focusing on trying to get things. Instead focus on consistently investing into your education, health, improving your philosophy, learning and growing your experience, improving your attitude and the floodgates will open and you will get everything you have ever dreamed about acquiring. Look around your world right now, everything you currently have, is as a result of what you are right now. Who and what you are right now, has attracted all your current success or lack thereof into your experience. So if you want to improve your experience, the only way, to this is to improve who you are. You need to become more, through personal development.

Motivational Speakers show you that You can only receive what you deserve

Everything in your life right now and what you will manage to achieve in the future is directly proportional to your level of personal development, now and in the future. I am sure that you have heard about people who win the lottery and within eighteen months, they have either squandered or lost all the money. This is simply a case of someone receiving more than they deserve, as a result of their personal development. This thrusts them into unknown territory and as they are boxing outside of their weight division, they do not know how to cope. So if you win a million dollars, best you quickly grow into a millionaire mind-set and grow your personal development to a point, where you can manage the windfall. Otherwise you will quickly lose it all.

I believe that it is hard, if not impossible to hold onto anything, which has not been achieved or obtained, due to your personal growth or development. In simple terms, if you want to change what you have. Don’t look at ways of getting more. Rather focus your energy on your personal development and becoming more.

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