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Knowing as much as possible about yourself, is one of the most important pieces in the puzzle, when preparing to live a life of meaning and success. Building an in-depth knowledge about your traits, strengths, weaknesses, abilities, interests and attributes is essential, if you want to successfully ride on the front end of the wave of success and become a champion of change. The more time you invest into getting to know who you are, discovering your unique talents or challenges, special skills and abilities, the better equipped you are to manage the challenges and the inevitable change that will cross your path on your journey towards the success you desire. This small investment today will save you buckets of time and regret later, as you will know how to apply your strengths and avoid areas where you have weaknesses.

After attending this talk by one of the best motivational speakers in South Africa and you have consciously discovered everything you need to know about yourself and you have created absolute clarity about the areas of your life, where you lack knowledge, skill or ability. Create a plan to acquire all the knowledge or skill you require to successfully navigate the journey to the life you desire. Always remember that you should develop your strengths and never your weaknesses. Find people that have strengths in areas where you have weaknesses to support you and always concentrate on consistently developing your strengths.

Action Idea: Once you have a clear idea about what makes you tick, you must now turn this into a clear understanding about how this can help you to achieve exactly what you want. Find a quiet place where you can relax, breath and introspect. Sit or lie comfortably and explore what you really want, by asking yourself these few questions.

  • If I won ten million dollars today and money was no longer a factor, what would I change in my life?
  • How would I choose to spend my time, if money, time and my current circumstances were not a factor?
  • What is the one thing I enjoy doing most, which my current circumstances is stopping me from doing right now?
  • What unique and special talents or skills do I have that I are not utilising right now?
  • What activity, idea or concept, no matter how outrageous, really inspires me and makes me feel really passionate?

Listen to the answers that will flow from these questions and allow yourself to use this as a foundation for setting a new course, where you can live a life of meaning and fulfilment, a place where you feel complete. Success is always a direction and never a destination. Uncover the direction you want your life to go and you have discovered the key to unlock a life that is filled with joy and happiness.

This talk by one of the most entertaining and informative motivational speakers will show you that now that you have discovered your unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses, got to know what you really want to have, do and be in the future, the next step is to make a commitment to your on-going and never ending improvement. This commitment where you  wake up every day eager to see what you can get from each day, how you can continually improve and grow your knowledge and skills, will equip you for a life of never ending success and fulfilment.

Action Idea: Wake up every morning and read 5 to 10 pages of an educational or inspirational book. This small daily discipline, which weighs ounces, will allow you to effortlessly read between 7 and 15 books a year.

Use the hour you commute to and from work every day to listen to audio books. This will cost you nothing in time, as you are using time that would have gone to waste, as an opportunity to learn. This small discipline, will give you an additional 33, eight hour days a year to increase your knowledge and skill. What a small price to pay for such an incredible reward.

The only challenge you will face every day, as you embark on this journey to greater knowledge and skill, is that as easy as these disciplines are to carry out, so easy they not to do. Make the choice right now, do you choose the weight of daily discipline, which weighs ounces or the weight of regret later, which weighs tonnes?

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