Stop Allowing the clouds of Doubt to Hide your Potential any Longer

Right now, is the time for you to emerge from behind the clouds that are hiding your incredible ability and for you to finally allow the light of your unlimited potential to shine. It is time to ignite the spark of possibility and allow it to burn in a brilliant blaze as you explore, discover and live your potential. Then aspire to live your life like a superb meteor, using every atom of your existence as you spread your magnificent glow over everything you touch.

Dare to risk your Significance

You should risk your significance and offer the gift of a better world to everyone you touch, choose to live your life as fully as possible and feel that you completely inhabit every second of your day. Set the promise of your unlimited potential free and see it soar to unimaginable heights, on the wings of your efforts and focused commitment. Be passionate and enthusiastic about everything in your life and everything is possible for you. “NO-THING” is beyond your reach.

Clarify what you want

The size and scope of your dreams determines what you can achieve and permits you to preview what could be. Clarity of purpose coupled with consistent, planned and focused action allows you to convert this probability, into possibility and finally your reality. Dream it, believe it, take consistent daily action and you will achieve it.

Turn your dreams into reality

Treat your dreams like stars, although you may never touch them, the guidance they offer you, will inevitable lead you to uncover your potential and will serve as an index to your greatness. Search deeply inside yourself and turn your dreams into reality, by discovering, awakening and unleashing the giant that resides within you.

Live in the moment, never allowing your dreams to run ahead of you, for the person that only looks outside of themselves is simply a dreamer, those that learn to look into their heart, awaken their belief in their ability and they unleash their unlimited potential. Recording and time defining your dreams is simply the start, realizing them is the art

Anything outstanding that has ever been achieved started out as only a dream, an idea in someone’s head. You can also create wonders with your dreams and hopes, if you also, nourish and protect them and accept that you will need to nurse them through challenges, until you get to make them shine as they become your new reality.

What are you really capable of achieving?

There are some very well documented stories, such as the one involving Angelo Cavallo. She was a 63 year old grandmother, who lifted and held a 1964 Chevrolet Impala off her son, after the jack had failed. This incredible feat was performed by a lady, who that very morning struggled to lit and empty a 12 kg rubbish bin. After hearing stories like these, I ask you, have you got any idea of what you are truly capable of? Stop selling yourself short and realize that you have unlimited potential and capabilities. Expand your own horizons and you will soon see that you are only tapping into a very small part of your potential and abilities.

Author: Andrew Horton Motivational Speakers




  • Jacques de Villiers /

    Great article Andrew. There is so much potential in South Africa alone. I just wish that we as a people would believe in ourselves more.

    After all, a country that gave the world Mrs Balls chutney, must have something to offer ;-).

    Tongue-in-cheek – we have given the world a lot more than just a chutney.

    • Thanks Jacques. Your regular feedback is much appreciated. May you have a wonderful and very prosperous year ahead.

  • Thanks Belita. I really appreciate the great feedback. It is really rewarding to know that my posts are of service. May you have a wonderful and very blessed week

  • Belita Phiri de la Court /

    Well done once again Andrew. I have seen what makes a lot of us to doubt in our abilities, it is lack of self worthness. I wish more people would cherish and understand their worth! the world would be a better place for us all.Dreaming big for oneself, see those who have already made it in life as your ladder to climb high. “if they did it? I can do even more.” that must be our prayer whenever we wakeup in the morning.If possible be close to them you will learn one or two valuable wisdom. Doubting in ourselves will lead us to pet jelousis, failures and to no where in life. Thank you Andrew keep up the good job. I am grateful to have you.

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