Time Management Training Program – Make Activity and Time Management Your Ally

Time Management Training Program

Make Activity and Time Management Your Ally

This Time Management Program is for:

  • People that are frustrated with the quality and quantity of work that they manage to get done every day.
  • People that want to become more effective, and maximize the quality and quantity of work they get done in a day.
  • People that want to free up time to invest into creating a better balance between family, work and own interests.

This time management intervention will teach you a number of tools and techniques that will allow you to see that time management is really about self-management. You will be taught a simple, yet very effective time management system, where you will be guided to firstly identify the right activities and then shown an effective system to prioritise and manage these activities within your unique circumstances.  We specialize in teaching individuals and business professionals, how to leverage the maximum amount of effective activity, from their available time. All our tools and techniques will allow you to bring increased personal and organizational productivity into your life.

What is this Time Management Program About?

  1. Effectiveness – You will be guided to identify, prioritize and carry out the right activities each day.
  2. Efficiency – You will be taught a system to leverage the maximum from your time, so that you can efficiently perform all the right activities each day.
  3. Activity Management – We will guide you to manage your activities and leverage the maximum from you unique circumstances.
  4. Energy Management – We will help you to maximize your energy and get the most from your day.
  5. Self-Management – Learn to create new routines and then convert these into a success habit set.
  6. Effective Planning – We will guide you to stimulate effective work habits, through focus and planning.

This time management intervention by one of the most informative and entertaining time management training experts, highlights the necessity for an effective system, to manage your available time, but underscores the importance of first identifying the right activities necessary to achieve all your goals. This is a crucial step before you apply any new time management system in your life or business. If you learn and apply a time management system in your life before you have determined the right actions to take. You will only become very effective at taking the wrong actions.

My goal when presenting this time management training program is to guide everyone that attends to a place where they understand that Time, energy and activity management is about self management. You can never manage time you can only manage how you use your available time.  I will guide you to stop focusing on the unnecessary tasks that make you feel good, but do not contribute in any meaningful way to your success.  After attending this talk you will have a crystal clear picture of what to do to create a meaningful and sustainable plan for time efficiency and effectiveness.

This time management training program is about effective, realistic time and activity management and will highlight and guide you to understand how a simple yet extremely meaningful and effective time energy and activity management system, will allow you to leverage the maximum benefit out of your day. This new success habit set in which you utilize your available time to produce the most efficient outcomes each day, will become the cornerstone of your success.

Andrew is one of the best motivational speakers in South Africa and top time management training experts, who will ensure that there is maximum knowledge transfer to all participants His interactive style will allow everyone to create a new, effective, Time, Energy and Activity Management system that they can begin to use immediately. I will guide you to remove the clutter from your life and guide you on how you can focus your energy on a few major priorities.  I will show you how to focus major energy on your commitments to yourself and teach you how to consistently apply inspired energy to all your priorities.  After attending this presentation you will discover ways to get more form each day, your world opens up and anything and everything becomes possible for you. All attendees are left with concrete ideas, concepts and tools they can take away with them and apply in their lives.

Content of the Time Management Training Program: 

  • Understanding the concept of time and how to use it efficiently.
  • Exploring my available time – How much time do I really have?
  • Understand how we function best – How can I use my body and mind best.
  • Building a time management habit set.
  • Building and effective self-management system for success
  • Creating my unique system to manage the right activities.
  • Understanding purpose and creating a crystal clear vision for the future.
  • Identifying the right activities needed to succeed.
  • Turning goal setting into goal achieving.
  • Turning your personal and organizational purpose into value.
  • Lead a fulfilling and effective life Right now.
  • Accumulate real value and discover long term sustainable success

Focus Areas – Time Management Training  Program

  • Call to action
  • Understanding and discovering your True Life Purpose
  • Defining, describing and clearly stating meaningful goals
  • Breaking goals back into manageable bite size projects
  • Building an effective action list that will deliver your desired results
  • Real knowledge transfer that will make the application of this process simple and very effective.
  • You will be guided to learn and effectively apply a very effective system to manage your activities within the available time.
  • This time, energy and activity management system includes a very effective system for constantly reviewing your progress.
  • You will be guided to create laser focus on all important tasks and shown how to effectively segment your time to leverage maximum results for your time
  • You will be equipped with a real, believable, meaningful and applicable personal toolkit

This time management training  program is about learning new and productive time management habits, which will help you to accelerate toward your success and the time you invest today, making time into a friend rather than a foe, will make finding balance in your life far easier.  You will be amazed at how much time you can gain every day by planning to use time, rather than letting time abuse you.  Be assertive and don’t allow interruptions. Guard your time- the more disciplined you are with your time, the easier it will be for you to find time to do those really important things, like putting in the effort to achieve your goals or spend quality time with the really important people in your life.  You have to get out of the modality of just doing, doing, doing and train yourself on how to take control of time in your life before it takes control of you.

After attending this time management training workshop you will see that we all have 86400 seconds each day, if you don’t use them, you loose them. When you come to the realization that the most valuable thing you own is TIME and that something this valuable should always be spent really wisely and invested in creating the life of your dreams, you will have mastered your life. You can never manage time; you can only ever manage your use of the available time. MANAGE YOUR ENERGY – MANAGE YOUR TIME.

After attending this time management training program you will realise that time is precious and I am sure that no one knows that better than you.  I will offer you some really important guidelines on how to manage your time and energy so that you will more out of your available time each day.  You cannot create more time in your day, you can only allocate the available time more effectively.  I will show you how to become really effective and teach you to create a system that reminds you when tasks need to be completed, one that is measurable and can also serve as a means for making you accountable.

How often do you end your day wishing that you had an extra hour in the day?  I will show you how you can adopt a few very simple time management strategies that will help you get exactly that and more. The amazing truth is that it won’t even require radical changes, just some small tweaks and a dose of self discipline.

This time management training program will leave you with tools and techniques to create a system to review all your important thoughts, goals, projects and To-Do’s and records them into a highly organised and efficient system. This will allow you to detach from issues that you are unable to handle right now, yet allow you to have laser focus on tasks, commitments and projects that need to be completed immediately. The highest levels of productivity and decision making ability occurs when we have a completely focused mind.

Andrew Horton’s no. 1 goal when he teaches his Time Management Training program is:

  1.  To ignite magic in each audience member, to connect with them, so that he can help them to renew their  vision, discover a lost belief or even birth a new one.
  2.  To create a spark in as many people in the audience as possible or to inspire them to take action so they can achieve exactly, what they desire!

His relaxed and humorous style ensures that his message is remembered long after the event.

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