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Re-energise and Renew yourself Frequently

Are you so busy spinning your wheels every day, on the treadmill of your life that you feel completely overwhelmed and just caught up in a cycle of constant busyness? Does it feel like you never have any time available to invest in yourself? When last did you allow yourself to take a break from your busy schedule? Are you giving yourself permission to re-energise and renew yourself as often as you should? Do you have a daily plan, which encourages you to invest time into maintaining your health?

No one else is going to take care of you or your health. If you keep your nose pressed firmly against the grindstone, never giving yourself time or permission to rest or exercise, you are going to burnout and damage your health. Your career is like a rubber ball, if you drop it, it will bounce back and you can simply grab hold of it and continue on the path, you have envisioned. Your health on the other hand is like a glass bowl, if you neglect it and drop it, it will break into many different pieces. Yes you can glue the pieces back together, but the bowl will never be the same again. You cannot work your fingers to the bone every day, neglecting your bodies need to re-energise and rejuvenate and expect to perform at your best.

It is time for you to begin looking for harmony in your life. When you balance your work schedule and your bodies need to exercise and rest, you are actually energising yourself and making yourself more productive. Harmony and consistency are the keys to maximising your energy levels, taking care of your health and getting the most work done in a day. Once you, begin to introduce planned rest periods and exercise into your schedule, you will see remarkable improvements in both your productivity and health. You will also feel a whole lot more energised, creative and innovative. Stop squandering your life by trying to burn the candle at both ends. When you try to relentlessly push yourself every day, never giving yourself time to rest, recover and rejuvenate, your body gradually breaks down and your productivity actually goes backwards.

It is a really strange concept to understand, but by resting and exercising more, taking time out of your busy schedule every day, you will actually get far more done. To achieve maximum productivity every day, you need to carefully balance your bodies need to rest with your workload. We live each day locked in a cycle of constant busyness and overwhelm, where it feels like we do not have enough time each day to get our work done, let alone find time to rest and exercise.

Action Idea: My challenge to you is to rest and exercise more during the next week. My guarantee to you is that you will actually get more done:

Include a minimum of four opportunities each week, to exercise for 30 minutes each. This can be anything from a brisk walk, to a weight training or cardio session at the gym.

Set aside one full day to rest and recover each week. This must be a full 24 hours of uninterrupted rest.

Include rest periods during the day, every 90 minutes. These are short 5 – 10 minute rest periods, in which you walk away from your desk and take a few deep breaths and clear your mind.

Give yourself permission to take vacations during the year. Mini vacations, where you rest for two to three days at a time are incredibly re-energising and revitalising. It crucial that you leave your work behind, when you go on these mini vacations. The harder you work every day, the greater your need to balance your rest, exercise and leisure time throughout the year.

If you neglect to rest, take mini vacations or exercise, you run the risk of losing focus and inspiration. Your battery will gradually run down and you will be left spinning your wheels, achieving very little each day, but feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope. Does this sound or feel familiar about how you feel at the moment. Break free from the workload overwhelm and the drudgery of your daily routine, invest time into resting, exercising and recovering and you will become far more effective each day. The best way to maximise your energy levels, improve your productivity and get the maximum out of your day, is to plan rest and exercise into your schedule. I cannot say this any more clearly, give it a try for just one week, you will astound yourself with how much more you will get done and how much better you will feel.

Author: Andrew Horton Motivational Speakers


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