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Schedule time daily to carry out your Goal Specific Activities

Meet your Future Every Day

When you are living in a modality of constant overwhelm and urgency and you are constantly distracted. Your attention is focused on putting fires out, instead of carrying out goal achievement activities. Your challenge and the reason you are struggling to achieve your goals. Is not due to time starvation, it is simply that you have not scheduled time in your day to carry out your priorities. You are in essence allowing what appear to be urgent tasks, to crowd out your goal priorities, because you are not in control of your time.

Yes, we do encounter deadlines and fires we need to put out on occasion. But if fires and crisis are the norm, it is time to assess how you are running things in your life and business. Are you so lost in the wormhole of crisis management that you have lost sight of the big picture? If this is how you feel, it is most certainly time for you to take a four day break, as soon as possible to re-assess, how you are doing things. When you wrestle back control of your routines and your habits support your success. You empower yourself to be the steward of your day and you ensure that you schedule time for carrying out your goal specific priorities every day.

Urgent things beg for your attention, time and energy, but you will have the understanding that although your goal achievement activities do not make the same strict demands on you, that things which appear to be urgent in the moment do.  They are crucial to your success and must be given, the priority they deserve every day. If you keep doing things the way you have done them in the past, you will most certainly, keep getting the same results.

If you want to see better results towards achieving your goals, then immediately stop allowing urgent tasks to stop you from carrying out your daily goal specific priorities. The challenge you face is that your goal specific priorities do not place strict demands on you, so you assign them a lower priority every day. As long as you continue to allocate a low priority toward carrying out your goal specific priorities each day, you will continue to blunder through life, never achieving any of your goals and dreams.

Make Time Available

Create time slots in your daily schedule, which are devoted specifically, to work on the individual goal specific tasks highlighted in your plan. I call these time slots in my daily schedule “Meetings with My Future”. These daily meetings will help you to meet your goal specific commitments and to persevere every day. Once you develop discipline and make completing your daily tasks your top priority and you repeat this positive cycle over time, you will gradually move closer and closer to the future you desire and any dream becomes achievable.

Make the decision today that you will no longer put your crucial goal achieving priorities on the back burner. Those issues, which demand your immediate attention, are in most cases, not your urgent issues, but someone else’s urgent issue and can in most cases wait for an hour, while you “Meet Your Future” and carry out your goal specific priorities. When you adopt this new daily routine or success habit of carrying out your goal specific priorities every day, during your “Meeting With Your Future”, you will astound yourself with how many of your goals you will manage to achieve before the end of this year.

Never cancel a “Meeting with your Future”

If you had an urgent matter come up at the office, but you had a meeting with your most important client. You would in most cases, unless it was a life and death matter, still make the meeting wouldn’t you? The same applies to the “Meetings with your Future” never cancel them, reschedule them if you must, but never cancel them. Your “Meetings with your Future” are far more important than any other meeting you have, as they are the time every day you use to transform your life.

Wrestle back control and do not allow anything short of a life and death situation to allow you to cancel a “Meeting with Your Future” Free yourself from the tyranny of bending to the will of those, urgent tasks. You are in charge of your future, stop acting like an absenteeism landlord over how things will turn out and actually carry out your goal specific priorities every day and achieving your goals will be simple and inevitable.

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