Motivational Speakers guide you to Sculpture your Character

Motivational Speakers

Sculpting your Character

motivational speakers trustMotivational speakers show you why the name you are given and the name you bring into the world by your parents. The name you have when your life on this planet is over and you move onto another level of existence, is up to you. The character you create and the legacy you leave is something you need to sculpture every day. Creating a good character is not something, which just happens by itself. It requires a conscious decision and then a daily commitment to remain focused towards protecting and creating a good character. Your character is the result of thousands of choices, which you make or fail to make throughout your life. Each one of them sculpting you and gradually defining who you are.

Yes we all have a personality, but if you want to truly create a meaningful character. One which is trusted and relied upon, by all, it will take commitment and daily effort. A good wholesome character is not something you are born with, it requires time and effort to hone and polish. Accept responsibility for creating your character and never allow anything to distract you from projecting you authentic good character to the world.

Motivational Speakers on Adversity and Success

Many believe that adversity or challenges, build character. This is true in the sense that it helps you to grow your experience, knowledge and skill base, if you commit to learn all the lessons it brings. I do not believe that adversity in and of itself builds character. It is how you choose to approach or respond to the adversity or challenge, which will allow you to build character. On the other hand the more success you invite into your experience also does not erode your character.

Winning or losing

There can only be one winner in every game. So whether you win or lose, can never be a deciding factor in how your character is projected to the world. Character is not about winning or losing, creating great fortune or dealing with hard times. It is about building character out of certain qualities, which you must nurture within yourself. Creating good character can be thought of as planting a seedling, allowing it to be exposed to the energy of the sun, nourishing it with good nutrients and diligently giving it the right amount of water every day.

Building Character

Motivational speakers will highlight the fact that your character is built every day, by always choosing to do the right thing, which does not make you feel bad in your heart or gut. This requires a daily commitment to chisel away on your inner rock or character, until the most perfect sculpture or character emerges. If you are sincerely committed towards building great character, you will over time create exactly the qualities you want and as time goes on, you will just keep strengthening them.

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