Is your Conversation with yourself, serving you?

Research shows that we are talking to ourselves every waking moment and even during some of the time, when we are sleeping. It shows that there is an on-going dialogue, which we hold with ourselves, about everything going on. I am sure that you are no different and that you are also conducting a running dialogue with yourself, every moment of every day. This running commentary goes on relentlessly, without you even being aware that you are doing it, in most cases. This on-going dialogue explores and comments on every event you are exposed to and your resultant reactions to those events. The types of conversation, which you hold with yourself, will obviously either support you to achieve the outcomes you want, or they will severely hamper or limit your progress.

Please explore the few tips I have presented below and try to use them to help you improve your internal dialogue and ultimately the results you are able to achieve.

Examine your Self-Talk

Action Idea: Start this process by exploring the conversation you have with yourself all day, by allowing yourself to consciously listen to what you are saying to yourself.

  • Are you acting like a nurturing coach and supporting yourself with positive input and feedback?
  • Are you damaging or delaying your progress by constantly acting like a destructive critic?
  • Are you reinforcing your successes and rewarding yourself when you succeed?
  • Are you negating your wins, by downplaying them?

Learn to use more positive self-talk

  • You must become comfortable saying things like “Now you are in the groove”, “That was really well done”, “I am amazing, I must juts keep it up”, “What have I learned from that mistake”, “I am certain that I will do better next time”, etc. All this positive feedback will encourage you and help keep you inspired.
  • Practice the art of saying things like, “It’s only a temporary inconvenience”, “Wow what a wonderful learning experience”, “This is obviously only an isolated incident”, “This challenge will not stop me, it is a stepping stone towards something better”. These positive ways of looking at challenges or setbacks, will keep you inspired and determined to overcome or mitigate them.
  • Allow yourself to feel satisfied, every time you manage to reach a milestone. Break the bad habit of feeling guilty or lucky, because you have succeeded. Allow yourself to wallow in your successes and use that feeling, to support you to do more of the same great work.
  • Accept compliments graciously and allow yourself to feel god about your achievements.
  • Believe that there is no such thing as failure? As long as you have not given up and you are still trying, all you are experiencing is an unresolved challenge, setback or roadblock. You only fail, once you give up and stop trying.

Learn the art of truly supporting yourself with your positive self-talk, by applying these tips above in your life.Keep the running commentary in your head positive and you will feel far more passionate and driven to succeed. Challenges will feel less daunting and you will have far more energy and determination to support you to keep taking the inspired action you need to take daily to achieve greatness. Success will almost begin to feel effortless, as all the resources, people and everything you need, will just seem to gravitate towards you. Positive self-talk is the catalyst, which will support you, every step of the way on your success journey.

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