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Allow Your Excellence to Shine

Our level of productivity and the delivery of the commitments we make to our future success, is seriously under threat, due to our lack of commitment to carry out the necessary daily actions, we know are needed, to deliver our dreams.  We are so wrapped up in doing our daily JOB (Just Over Broke) that we never make time available for the really important task of making time available to work on our goals and plans that will create the future we really desire. Stop allowing your lack of discipline, to carry out the small daily actions, needed to succeed, from stopping you living your brilliance.

Strive to become and remain inspired, stay focused on your success, work to remain creative and make time available for the important task of carrying out the daily small disciplines that will move you one small step at a time, closer and closer to your dreams.

Stay tapped in to the flow of your excellence and creativity and allow your brilliance to shine with every small, disciplined action you complete daily. Ensure that you make the necessary time available, to carry out the actions needed, by planning your week in advance and setting aside time slots every day in which you will perform these activities. I refer to these time slots as “meetings with my future”.

These meetings are cast in stone and should something really urgent and unavoidable come up, these “meetings with your future” must be rescheduled, never ever cancelled. These meetings or time slots in your daily agenda are as important as meetings with one of your most important clients and must be treated as such. If something really urgent comes up, you would reschedule an appointment with your clients, you would never summarily just cancel it. These meetings with yourself are really crucial if you are to ever move out of the rut that you may be stuck in.

Earl Nightingale was quoted as saying that he can tell exactly how successful someone will be, purely by looking at the daily agenda. Are you satisfied with your daily agenda? Will it lead you to the dreams you hold so dear?

As long as you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always got. Develop the discipline to carry out the necessary daily actions needed to realise your dreams and goals, keep your commitment to remain focused and driven to keep carrying out your daily commitments and your success becomes inevitable.

Upgrade your circuitry of your productivity, daily discipline, time allocation and commitment to your dreams and you will manifest the most incredible life for yourself and your family. When you develop the new success habit set of consistent daily action that is focused specifically on realising your dreams, your success will feel effortless and you will start to live a complete and fulfilled life.

Commit to create a new routine that is focused on ensuring that you move out of the rut of “only getting through your day”, where all your effort is focused on simply surviving and rather move to a place where you “see what you can get from every day”, by committing to a few daily disciplines focused on carrying out tasks geared to realising your dreams.

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