Should you feel Gratitude as shown by one of the best Motivational Speakers?

Should you feel Gratitude as shown by one of the best Motivational Speakers?

motivational speakersAfter attending one of the best motivational speakers presentations, you will finally understand why, It is a well-known and extensively researched fact that, what you think about, you bring about. So it must be pretty obvious that, if you learn to focus on feeling gratitude, for all the wonderful things, which are working in your life. Your thinking is focused squarely on, all those things, which are working in your life, rather than on all the challenges you may be facing at the time. This keeps you thinking positive thoughts, which result in positive actions and ultimately positive outcomes.

Contrary to common belief, feeling gratitude is not something which comes naturally to all of us. Allowing ourselves to focus on the positive areas of our lives, which are working, requires conscious effort at first, until it becomes one of our success habits. So if you want to show and feel gratitude, then make the conscious decision right now that you are going to focus on discovering all the wonderful things you have going on in your life, at the moment. Understanding and utilising gratitude as a means of helping you remain positive and focused on success, is an art and requires continual practice.

Here are a few practical tips from one of the top motivational speakers, on how you can show and feel gratitude:

Schedule Time – Schedule time every day to sit quietly and reflect on all the wonderful things you have to be grateful for in your life. Although you may not think so right now, I can assure you that everyone has something to be grateful for, even if it is only the ability to read this article, so that you can start to create the right circumstances to bring fulfilment into your experience.

As long as you continue to wake up in the morning, go full speed throughout your day, until you collapse into your bed at night. Never making time to reflect on all the wonders in your life, where you can free yourself from the tyranny of all the urgent and rushed tasks you have to complete every day. You will remain trapped in a life of discontent. Allow yourself time to slow down and appreciate all the wonder you have in and around your life. This crucial shift, will help you to move your life along a path, which where your life will just get better and better.

Set time aside to Reflect – During the time you schedule to reflect on all the blessings you do have in your life. Stop looking around your world, focusing on what others have and what you perceive you lack. This only highlights lack and puts you in a negative place, which promotes negative thinking, which turns into negative results. Rather focus on what you do have and allow yourself to feel gratitude. Use the positive thoughts, which emanate from this thinking to drive your thinking in a positive direction. The positive results, which will flow this will astound even you.

Consciously project Generosity – Give freely of yourself, from a position of abundance, where you do see lack and never allow yourself to be envious of others, who may have more than you. This abundant thinking puts you in a place, where you can better see and take advantage of opportunity. Your generosity can come in many forms and may not even mean you part with a dime. Give freely of your time, energy and passion to those around you. A smile or a kind word costs nothing, but gives so much to those around you.

Look to Acknowledge – Be certain that you acknowledge the people closest to you on a regular basis. The very fact you have them in your life, is something to be really grateful for. Telling someone how much they mean to you and how much you care for them costs you nothing, but does so much for the other person and helps build or cement your relationship with them.

It is time for you to become aware of the many gifts you have in your world, right now. The fact you are alive, healthy and able to read this article, is a gift in itself. As you learn the art of feeling and showing gratitude for the universes around you, you will feel your heart soar. You will see a marker improvement in your thinking and your demeanour and attitude, will become far more positive, which will see you start to enjoy far better results too.

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