Should Success be Important to you, as taught by top motivational speakers?

motivational speakers successI am one of the top motivational speakers in South Africa and have not met anyone on this planet, who wants to be an abject failure. In fact after asking audiences from all around the world, that question for more than five years now, I am certain that everyone wants to have, be and do their best. So if everyone wants the best for themselves and every one of us has all the tools we need to improve our lives, namely an imagination to see possibility, an ability to visualise actually living that possibility, the mind power to create goals and action plans to allow us to map our way towards that possibility and even an internal Google search engine, to allow us to program our brain to discover all the support we need to actually achieve the possibility. Then why are so few people actually living fulfilled lives, content with everything in their lives?

So before you try to answer the question on whether success should be important to you or not. I need you to take a step back for a moment and first answer the question, “What does success really mean to you”? You can never achieve anything, unless you know what it actually is.

Action Idea: Give yourself some alone time, to just sit and reflect. Think deeply about success. What does your life look like when you are successful? What are you doing, having and being? Once you can answer these crucial questions. The next step is to begin to find a way to accept that as much as you would deny it “Success is important”, as it allows you to live more, love more, enjoy more, have more fulfillment and uncover the meaning you know you deserve.

What does your life look Like, when you are successful?

Clarity around what success really means to you, helps you to see that something as worthwhile, as your unique concept around success, is the crucial first step towards actually inviting exactly that into your life.

For example:

  • If your concept of a successful life has nothing to with financial wellbeing, then obviously the accumulation of money will hold no attraction to you.
  • But on the other hand if the accumulation of wealth is very high on your value system, then accumulating great wealth will be at the top of your priority list.

Uncover your personal definition around success, know your values and achieving your concept of what success means to you, becomes possible.
Achieving Success is a Crucial Life Skill

I am absolutely that we are all on this planet as creators. All the gifts we possess, our imagination, ability to visualise, our ability to build and follow blueprints to achieve results all attest to this. So if we are here as creators, we possess all the gifts we need to do so and we don’t act to create the lives we actually want, we are acting against our inner purpose and design.

Success is a Responsibility

It is our responsibility to work tirelessly every day to invite the best possible circumstances into our lives. I believe that the greatest travesty in life is wasted potential. If we do not live according to our highest potential, I believe that we are breaking one of the most important laws of the universe, namely to be creators, where we get to use all our natural abilities and gifts at their optimal level. The question you should be asking yourself is this “If you could do better than you are – Should You”?

I am one of the motivational speakers who will show you how to do better

If you could improve anything in your experience – Should you?

If you could:

  • Improve your health
  • Learn more
  • Earn more
  • Improve your relationships
  • Continually grow personally – Should you?

You do not arrive at success

Remember that Success is never a destination. Andrew is one of the most inspiring motivational speakers, who will show you that life is a wondrous, fantastic, enjoyable journey of discovery, meaning and fulfilment. Imagine how wonderful it will feel, when you look back a day, a week or even a year from now and you can actually see that you have actually made progress, towards living the life you want? I know that you will begin to feel satisfaction, every day, because you have made progress, over that period. The progress you will make will help not only you and your family, but everything in your life, including your business, career and health, will improve too. Success and consistent progress in all the areas of your life, is something to be desired. Just keep striving to be a little better today than you were yesterday and you will live a wonderful life, which just keep getting better and better, every day.

So yes “SUCCESS” when understood and defined like this, is “EVERYTHING

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