Small Steps to Greatness

Success does not come to those, who do a lot a little. It comes to those people, who are consistent and who do a little a lot. If you only have ten minutes a day or 10 dollars a month, available to devote towards living your dream. Then that is the perfect place to start. When added together over time, small contributions add up into something really significant. Take building your own business for example. Consistent small steps taken over time can and will add up into that dream business, which you have always wanted to start, but felt you lacked the resources and time to tackle.

Huge Hairy Audacious Goals

Every single goal, both large and small, was achieved one small step or positive activity at a time. Every small step consistently taken over time, adds up into small strides and eventually giant leaps forward. The best way to show you how this works is through offering you a few examples, of people just like you, who achieved remarkable success, using this simple process.

Matt Dwyer is the owner of a small business located in Canada. He runs a business which converts old photos into digital format, at an affordable price. He started to build his business, while he was still in full time employment. All he had available, was ten minutes every day,  to devote towards creating his dream. This shortage of time did not stop him at though. He chipped away every day for more than eighteen months, until he succeeded.

All he did every day was analyse his current website, for ten minutes every day, pinpointing areas, where he could improve it, so that it would become more attractive to search engines. This consistent effort added up over time and after eighteen months his website feathered prominently on all local searches. He was then able to leave his full time career, to follow his dream. Can you find ten minutes a day to devote towards creating and living your dream?

Scott Newman is now the proud owner of a training business in Adelaide Australia. He felt trapped in a corporate career, but lacked the time and resources to just up and leave his job. He never let that stop him though. He scheduled 30 minutes a day towards building his training business, used his annual leave and weekends to offer free training courses at the local schools and spoke in the evenings at any association that would have him.

This dedication and consistent effort added up and just over five years after he started working towards living his dream, he had built his reputation and business up, to a point, where he was earning sufficient income, to allow him to leave his full time job. He had finally reached a point, where he could begin living his dream and he could run his training business full time. The advice from Scott is simple. He says, take your time, be patient, consistently take action daily and any goal is possible to achieve.

Action Idea: Look at your own circumstances right now. What is it you want to achieve? Identify a small daily activity, which over time will support you to achieve your dream. Keep carrying out that activity daily and you can achieve anything you want.

To make this really effective add a few more ingredients.


Plan what you need to do very carefully before starting – Take action daily –Review or measure your performance regularly – Improve where necessary. Continue to follow this cycle of success and nothing can or will stop you from succeeding.

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