Uncovering the other Dirty Word, we Fear so Much

motivational speakers disciplineBefore I discuss the dirty word I want to highlight in this article, I first want to discuss the dirtiest four letter word of them all. Those people, who shy away from using this word every day, remain trapped in lives devoid of meaning and fulfilment and never seem able to break free from average. That dirty four letter word is “WORK” No one has or ever will achieve greatness, without a real commitment towards being productive and utilising their available time as fortuitously as possible. In other words, unless they work both smart and hard, they will never break free from average.


The second word, which is viewed with an incredible amount of disfavour and is also a pre-requisite for success, is the word “Discipline”. Again if you want to achieve greatness and I know you do, then you need to see discipline for what it really is. Remove that picture you hold in your mind of someone standing over you, demanding you perform or else, there will be consequences, from your mind altogether. Create a new more positive picture around discipline and see it for what it really is. The word discipline actually means to instruct or educate.

The real art of discipline is found in the fact that, it is there to inform the mind and to help you to prepare for greatness, by supporting you to develop the correct routines or success habits, you need for achievement. Self-discipline allows you to, over time, turn the right routines into very supportive daily success habits, which will support you to grow, expand and invite the meaning and fulfilment you really want into your experience.

Sybil Stanton Said:

No one who achieves greatness does so without discipline

In her incredible book, titled “The twenty four hour Woman”, which I would recommend as a great read to anyone, who wants to invite greatness into their lives, she states that “Discipline is not something, which is on your back, needing you with imperatives”. “It is rather at your side nudging you with incentives” This beautiful statement epitomises the picture you should hold in your mind about discipline. It is a nurturing friend, crucial to your sustainable long term success.

Benefits of discipline

Well besides the most obvious benefit, which flows from discipline, namely that you will stop disappointing yourself and that you will finally start to keep all your commitments you make with yourself. Imagine how incredible that will feel.

There is also a second benefit too. When you use discipline to support you to create the success habits you need to succeed, you will get to do all the things you must do, when you need to do them, so that the day will finally come, when you can do the things you want to do, when you want to do them.

As you know, life is indeed filled with challenges, setbacks and roadblocks. When you include discipline, as a way of life, these ravages of life will just seem to disappear.

You are Free

Success does take discipline and work to invite into your experience. But if you are aligned with your true calling and you are doing what you really love, it won’t feel like work at all. So yes you can be happy, content and traveling along the path towards the success you want. Think of your life in terms of a set of train tracks. Yes the train can be completely free and off the tracks, but in this state it is stuck and can’t go anywhere. As soon as the train is placed within its tracks, (Daily Discipline), it is equipped to travel towards the most incredible destinations. Discipline is that crucial missing ingredient, which will make an incredible difference in your life.

Discipline today, will always bring you a better tomorrow

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Andrew Horton

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