Motivational Speakers – Focus Your Energy on the Positive and What is Possible

Motivational Speakers

Focus Your Energy on the Positive and What is Possible

After attending this presentation by one of the best motivational speakers in South Africa, you will be better equipped to manage any obstacle, change, challenge or roadblock, examine them just long enough to uncover the difficulty they present and immediately change your focus to look for what you can do to overcome them, prevail and turn them into opportunities. All challenges you encounter are possibilities and when managed properly, they will eventually become opportunities. Always look for what these challenges may have highlighted to you and focus your energies on the positive. This will allow you to very quickly discover the depths of your resolve and ability. You have unlimited potential and ability; believe it and you will most certainly begin to see it.

Whatever you think about and talk about, you bring about.

Allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by challenges or indulging in a pity party is not serving you, or is it? Are you benefiting from people feeling sorry for you or are you just using any obstacle or challenge as a convenient excuse, for not doing better or trying harder?

Action Idea: Look at the words you are using when describing any challenges or obstacles, you encounter. Are they focused on the positive progress you are making or are you harping on describing the gory details of how difficult things are? Until you change your focus away from the constant negative talk, about how difficult things are, and focus your energy on describing your amazing comeback, you will remain trapped in a spiral of tragedy and challenge.

Break your addiction to tragedy and turmoil

This presentation by one of the greatest motivational speakers in South Africa will show you that we seem to get so much attention when we are describing our challenges and difficulties. People line up to hear about hurts and failures and to stroke our hair and wipe our cheeks. They most certainly do not act the same way when you talk about your successes and victories. Until you break your addiction with tragedy and turmoil and you continue to get positive strokes from everyone around you every time you engage in a pity party, you will remain trapped in a life of average.

Action Idea: Make the choice today to finally start to focus your energy on the positive and celebrate your successes. If the people around you are not supporting your successes, but they are really supportive every time you encounter difficulties, then look to find people that are on a similar success journey to your own, to surround yourself with. They will be eager to support your victories and will inspire you with their own successes and victories.

You are the product of all the choices you make

Andrew is one of the most informative motivational speakers in the field of time management training. He will show you that the results you get to enjoy or not to enjoy in your life are all rooted in one single factor, namely the choices you make or fail to make each day. It may be difficult for you to accept that your current circumstances are the direct result of all the choices you’ve made, both good and bad; that the state of your health, business success or lack thereof, the type and quality of all your relationships and your bank balance, are all a result of your accumulated choices.

When you can see that all these choices that you have made until now, have added up to create all the challenges or successes, you are experiencing in your life right now. It becomes obvious that, by making better choices in the future, you will be able to create better outcomes. Use this awareness to help you to begin to positively change things. You are the product of all the choices you make, so from this moment , begin making different or better choices and you will see remarkable more positive results start to manifest in your life.

All progress requires change, though not all change results in progress.

The challenge you face, when mitigating or managing any challenge, is to decide on what the right choices are. As long as you keep doing things the way you have always done them, you will most certainly keep getting the same results. So in order to see different results, you must commit to do things differently and introduce a few positive changes into your life.

This presentation by one of the best motivational speakers will allow you to see that not all the changes you make to the way you do things; bring about the results you desire, every time? Of course not! The secret, to get the best results from the changes you make to the way you do things, is to constantly review your progress and if any changes you’ve made are not delivering the desired results, then make a new or better choice. Keep improving, making positive changes until you see the progress you desire.

Action Idea: Every time you are faced with any choices from this moment on, learn and follow the steps listed below. By using this systematic approach, you will be better equipped to ensure that the choices and changes you make, in future, will deliver better results.

  • Do not just accept that the path of least resistance is the right choice. Explore all avenues; the path of most resistance could be the best option, but your addiction with a quick fix solution, limits your options and keeps you making the wrong choices.
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses; examine all the choices or options available to you. Always choose the option that is aligned with your strengths, you should never rely on your ability to improve your weaknesses as a solution to any challenge.
  • If you are unable to align any of the available choices with your strengths, than identify someone else that has the necessary strengths and solicit their help and support to help and guide you.
  • Build measurement criterion into the choice you make and measure your progress as often as possible, to assess whether the choice you have made is indeed delivering the outcome you require.

Support your choices by:

  •  Increasing the amount of time you invest into your personal growth.
  • Scheduling time each day to invest in your personal growth and development.
  • Commit to continually keep improving your skills every day.
  • Make a real commitment to wake up every day a little wiser and more skilled than you were the previous day.
  • Tackle difficult or challenging tasks with gusto..

Achieving the outcomes you want in your life is always about making the right choices and having the discipline, to sometimes do things that are difficult or unpleasant. When you learn to focus on the outcome you desire and all the benefits this outcome will bring, you don’t seem to notice the short-term discomfort that you may encounter along the way and you have the willpower to do the things that seem tough.

If you are unhappy with the outcomes you’ve been experiencing in your life up until now, then some or all of the choices you have been making, are not aligned with what you want. You need to start making different or better choices, which will start to deliver better outcomes or which will deliver on your expectations.

The definition of insanity is “repeating the same behavior day after day and expecting different results”. Commit to make some meaningful choices today and stop expecting the path of least resistance to deliver on your dreams. If the path of least resistance has kept you trapped in mediocrity, until now, have the courage to change and to try something new, give the path of most resistance a try, this time.

Until you decide to make a few different and possibly even some difficult choices and you commit to begin doing things that may at first feel uncomfortable or difficult, you will remain trapped in an fulfilling and empty life. When you make the choice to do things differently and to do things that at first may appear difficult, you are effectively using your willpower to begin forming new success habits that will deliver on your dreams.

After applying your willpower to carry out these daily tasks for around 90 days, these very tasks that felt uncomfortable and were unpleasant, will now become your new habit set and will simply be how you do things. Research has shown that any repeated behavior will become an entrenched habit after about 90 days. If you want to change the results you are enjoying, then you must commit to use your willpower to create a new set of success habits that will support the success you desire.

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  • Absolutely true!!! We have the willPOWER – take responsibility for the choices we make and the exact place where we see ourselves right now in life and make the change.

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