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Build Mutually Beneficial Relationships with the Right People

Commit to look around your world and discover people, who you think can assist you, as you travel along your success journey. Find innovative ways of building mutually beneficial relationships with them and you will have discovered your secret tool for inviting long term sustainable success into your experience.

My experience has shown me that if you want people to assist and help you achieve your goals, you must first look for a variety of unsolicited ways to help them get what they want, first. When you go out of your way to be as valuable as possible to all the people, who can assist you achieve greatness, they will most certainly be willing to assist and support you in return.

Build Relationships Based o Fair Exchange

People do not like imbalanced relationships, so when you offer them real value and support, they will inevitably go out of their way to return the favour and they will add value to your life in return. This is simply the law of reciprocation in action. If you consistently try to add value to others, they will feel compelled to add value to your life in return.

Never Expect Reciprocation in Return

Strive to make big deposits of value into the accounts of people, who can really make a difference in your life. These individuals, if properly and innovatively supported, will offer you the opportunity to enjoy fantastic returns on your efforts, as you gradually and consistently build your relationship equity. Your patience and continued support for the right people around you will over time yield a great return in the future. The way to ensure that this process of building mutually beneficial relationships works is to remember that you must give freely of yourself, offering support to the right people and to then never solicit or expect any reciprocation in return. I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but somehow it just works.

How to Make Reciprocation Work for you

Identify the people, who you feel could offer you great value potential, in the form of possible support in the future. Find innovative ways to start making deposits of real value into their relationship accounts. The secret to make this work is to never solicit or expect any reciprocation in return. Stay focused on continually adding value to them and eventually they will unconsciously want to build a mutually beneficial relationship with you and they will support you in return.

Action Idea: Once you have identified the right people. i.e. people who you feel could support you on your success journey. The next step is to try to find innovative ways to add real and meaningful value to their lives. To help you do this take a close look at these individuals and answer the following questions:

  1. What are they working on that you could assist them with or add value to?
  2. Who can you introduce them to, who will add meaningful value to their lives?
  3. What educational materials, such as books, seminars or audio recordings, which will add value to them, could you gift to them?
  4. What ideas, thoughts or encouragement can you offer them?

Be Innovative and Creative when attempting to Add Value to People

There are many more opportunities besides the few listed above, which will allow you to make deposits into these meaningful relationships. The energy you invest into building influence and adding value to the right people around you will in time see you reap great returns. This is a great strategy that will allow you to connect with people, who can make a real difference in your life.

This strategy is all about developing mutually beneficial connections with people, who will allow all parties to benefit from the relationship. This win – win concept, where there is always fair exchange, is one of the most effective ways to build your network into a really powerful tool for sustainable long term success.

Author: Andrew Horton Motivational Speaker



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