Motivational Speakers in South Africa – Can you Turn “NOTHING” into something worthwhile?

Motivational Speakers in South Africa

Can you Turn “NOTHING” into something worthwhile?

motivational speakersAll the goods and services, which make our lives better every day, started out as simply a thought or an idea in someone’s imagination. Andrew is a one of the great motivational speakers in South Africa, who will show you why do those products or services even exist in the first place? How did a simple thought, an idea, transform into something tangible. What separates those ideas and thoughts that enter our heads and then simply disappear, from those thoughts that are acted upon and turned into something tangible and of value?

The Difference is Vision, Belief and Action

The ideas that are taken from our mind and made into something real; are ideas that are given life in the mind of the dreamer. They create a crystal clear picture in their mind, where they see the product or service as both possible and desirable. This vivid vision or picture they hold in their minds eye, feels so real, it can actually be seen, felt, tasted, smelt and even heard, as though it already existed. This vivid picture of possibility is the foundation for turning any idea into tangible things. They then breathe life into it, by believing in themselves and allowing their mind to explore all the possibilities about how it can be done.

Take Action

Every great idea or concept starts out as only a few electrical charges in our brains and exists as only a small ray of possibility, and unless acted upon, will remain just that.

Action Idea: The first step to make any idea real; is to imagine all the possibilities, which can flow from every thought or idea and to then explore the potential to convert all these possibilities into the reality you envision.

Uncover the Secret

After you have explored all the possibilities, create a deep rooted belief in your ability to turn possibility into probability and finally reality. Create a plan to convert the intangible possibility, which exists only in your mind’s eye, into a set of daily activities, which can be acted upon and you have discovered the secret to convert any idea into reality.

Make it Happen

Then simply pull the trigger, include these few new activities into your daily schedule, ensure that you commit to carry out one small action at a time, keep repeating this every day and you will get breathe life into any new ideas and dreams you may have. When you begin to take action you make your thoughts viable and you begin the powerful process of construction and creation.

You possess an incredible power, namely the power of creation. You can convert “NOTHING” or merely a thought, an idea into something tangible and real. All that is required to utilize this power is belief in yourself, commitment to take action, discipline to keep taking these actions every day, patience to allow things to evolve and develop and the persistence to keep going even when things get tough. What are you waiting for, put this to work for you today and you will see the magic begin to unfold before your eyes. You truly are a magnificent creator, filled with unlimited possibility. Dare to bring life to the things that matter most in your life or business.

Give birth to your Dreams

This wonderful process of creation does not only work for goods and services, it can be used to give birth to your dreams too. Dare to dream big, see all the wonderful possibility available to you. Now use this simple process of creation described in this article and turn your dreams into something real and possible for you.

Author: Andrew Horton Motivational Speakers South Africa


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  • Andre Du Venage /

    Very good stated principles. As the psyciatrist taught Bob in the Comedy Movie “What about Bob?” life is about baby steps mostly to change things around or to influence your world around you. I thoroughly enjoy reading Andrews’ daily thought as it is inspiring and provides practical truths about life’s challenges.

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