Motivational Speakers South Africa – How do you View any Challenges you Face?

Motivational Speakers South Africa

How do you View any Challenges you Face?

No matter who you are, what you look like, how rich you are or even how famous you may be, challenges and obstacles will still cross your path. The level of success you will get to enjoy in the end is never the result of experiencing a challenge free journey on your path towards the success you desire, but rather an outcome which is measured by how you choose to respond to all the challenges, which will inevitably cross your path.

Challenges are Inevitable

You will face challenges as small as a traffic jam, which may make you late for work in the morning, to massive challenges, such as the loss of your job, as a result of company resizing. In the moment these challenges may seem overwhelming and you may even feel like you are losing control and like your world is coming to an end.

Choosing to allow challenges to overwhelm you, will keep you trapped in a life without meaning and fulfilment. If you want to break out and move towards the success and super achievement you desire. You must choose a better way to respond to the inevitable challenges which will cross your path, both big and small.

Practice on the Small Challenges

Remember that the way you do anything, is the way you do everything. For example: if you sit in the morning beating your steering wheel in frustration every time you are caught in traffic jam or you lose your temper because you accidently stub your toe on the way to the bathroom in the morning. You are subconsciously programming your brain on how to respond to any challenge, which may cross your path in the future. So the next time you are faced with a bigger challenge, your immediate response will be one of frustration, anger and overwhelm, rather than, introspection, careful thought and innovation.

Obstacles are Consistent along the Path to Success

From my own personal experience and by observing many people who have enjoyed incredible levels of personal and business success, I have noticed a commonality to their attitude and approach, in how they choose to experience, mitigate and finally triumph over any obstacles, which cross their path, both big and small. I want to share a simple strategy, which I have developed as a result of these observations, which I believe will help you to manage and mitigate any challenges you will face in the future.

Obstacles and Challenges are not Unique to you

Accept that obstacles and challenges are inevitable and that everyone faces them daily. This awareness should now equip you to more readily accept any challenge which crosses your path and to deal with each one more gracefully. Start with all the small challenges you will face from now on. The next time you misplace your car keys, don’t allow yourself to become angry or frustrated. Try to turn frustration into fascination and deal with the challenge gracefully. Always asking a better quality question like, “where is the most likely place I could have left them”, rather than pointless questions like “Why am I such an idiot, I always do this”?

Action Idea: Train yourself to always try to ask only positive questions, which are solution focused. When you ask negative questions, your brain is going to give you a negative answer, which will only cause you to spiral further into despair. Whereas when you ask positive, solution orientated questions. You will start to see the challenge from a more positive perspective and may even discover an opportunity, hidden within the challenge, which you may not have discovered, had you not asked the question in the first place.

Pity Parties help no one

It is time to break free from your victim mentality and to realise that life is filled with challenges and obstacles. Allowing them to overwhelm you and feeling like a victim, every time you encounter challenges, obstacles or setbacks, serves no one and will keep you trapped in an unfulfilling life. Whereas when you expect challenges  and  you welcome them as an integral part of your success journey, you are preparing for the inevitable. So the next time you are faced with any challenge, you will be prepared to ask positive solution orientated questions, where you will be looking for the hidden opportunity in each one. This new approach will equip you to become a super achiever.

Author: Andrew Horton Motivational Speakers South Africa

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  • Well said Andrew, it’s not the inevitable challenge, it’s how you approach it. Emotional synapses can fire off quickly so slowing down and employing your suggestions
    provides the climate for a thoughful response, yes I know, easier said than done.

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